L'accumulation-1-Design Crush


L’accumulation is a showcase of functional beauty. Modernism and nostalgia, utility and expression, a story that’s gathered over time as we build our homes and our lives. A belief that traditional items have a place in the home whether they are made by heritage brands or are limited handmade items. Everything L’accumulation purveys is made to last.


L'accumulation-2-Design Crush

L'accumulation-3-Design Crush

L'accumulation-4-Design Crush

L'accumulation-5-Design Crush

Thirsty Porcelain Glass // Hand Hammered Brass and Copper Box // Porcelain Cornet Table Lamp // Salt, Pepper, and Sugar Flask // Apotheke Bontanika Yuzu Cream


Itz’ana Home

Itz'ana Home-1-Design Crush


Itz’ana Home is a sweet little capsule collection of curated home goods in collaboration with Samuel Amoia. Each piece is handmade by local Central American artisans, balancing craftsmanship and simplicity, representing a pairing of Belize’s rich heritage and modern geometric shapes. (Those screens tho.)


Itz'ana Home-2-Design Crush

Itz'ana Home-3-Design Crush

Itz'ana Home-4-Design Crush

Itz'ana Home-5-Design Crush

Itz'ana Home-6-Design Crush


Rayleigh Table Lamp

Rayleigh Table Lamp-1-Design Crush


Though it carries a hefty price tag, I can’t help but stare at the Rayleigh Table Lamp. When switched off it comes off as a pretty pastel geometric sculpture, but flip the switch and light flows through a series of prisms to create a spectrum of neon hues.


Rayleigh Table Lamp-2-Design Crush



ENTLER-1-Design Crush


If you were to create a modern lamp with old-fashioned telephones as inspiration, you might end up with something like this ceramic lighting collection from ENTLER. Sturdy bodies support elegantly curved necks and all is covered with a glossy finish, making me feel like I could lift one up for a conversation.


ENTLER-2-Design Crush

ENTLER-3-Design Crush

ENTLER-5-Design Crush

ENTLER-4-Design Crush

(via Design Milk)


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ A husband giving his ex wife half of everything turned out to be a stunt ad campaign.
02/ Stephen McMennamy’s #ComboPhotos result in super funny juxtapositions.
03/ Battery-powered LED cloud lights are pure magic.
04/ Lovely reimagined paintbrushes from Rebecca Szeto.
05/ Universal Everything transformed the Sydney Opera House into a living mural.
06/ From afar Antony Gormley‘s sculptures look like real beach-goers.
07/ Eye-popping street art made entirely from masking tape by Buff Diss.
08/ The London Bridge was turned into a rainbow pathway this Monday.
09/ Jyo John Mullor‘s created a set of helmets that look like human heads.
10/ Sydney is currently hosing Masakazu Shirane’s Light Origami.

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