We Make Stuff

We Make Stuff-1-Design Crush


In the blogging world few things make me smile ear to ear like a “coworker” taking their love of making to a new level. We Make Stuff is the new venture of Funkytime founder Sibylle and her equally creative brother. The Berlin-based business creates high-quality handcrafted one of a kind pieces for urban interiors with wood, concrete, steel, and textiles as their signature trademark. Can’t wait to see what’s in store from this awesome new line!


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Plumen 002

Plumen 002-1-Design Crush


Plumen recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its second designer low-energy lightbulb, and holy crap the campaign is already fully funded! It’s really easy to see why, just look at Plumen 002. Art and ambience all in a lightbulb of all things. They’ll be available for purchase come September 1st and LED products are coming down the pipeline.


Plumen 002-2-Design Crush


Plumen 002-3-Design Crush


Starry Light

Starry Light-1-Design Crush


I’m digging not only the Starry Light, but also its clever tongue-in-cheek name! The constellations of the Northern Hemisphere are projected onto your walls and ceiling when lit. Starry Light all began as a piece of art and after a year in development went into product mode, it’s now available in several colors and manufactured by hand.


Starry Light-2-Design Crush


The Guest Room // The Lighting

Guest Room-Euro Style Lighting-1-Design Crush


When it comes to creating the feel of a room the lighting is definitely a big part of the equation. Too soft and you might as well be feeling your way around in the dark, too harsh and you feel like you’re in a department store. A fine line for sure. I already mentioned that the small bedside lamp was repurposed from another room, but when it came to the ceiling fixture I wanted a bit of a statement piece. Nothing too over the top, but not your average run of the mill flush mount either.


Guest Room-Euro Style Lighting-2-Design Crush


The fixture I went with is the Possini Euro Honeycomb Chrome with Blown Glass Ceiling Light from Euro Style Lighting. I love the mouth-blown glass balls, they look like they have tiny filaments throughout and give off a gorgeous glow when lit. It’s the perfect look for this modern-meets-traditional room!


Guest Room-Euro Style Lighting-3-Design Crush


Disclaimer: Light fixture provided by Euro Style Lighting. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Design Crush going!