Deeply Divine Recline Sofa.

I first came across Ochre’s Deeply Divine Recline Sofa about a year ago and didn’t even know it. I saw the above photo on someone’s blog and pulled it to go into my little inspiration file. Then yesterday while perusing Ochre’s site I discovered – SHAZAM! – that they were in fact the makers of the much-coveted sofa. I love how in the photo it just looks so used. If I owned one I’m pretty sure there would be a permanent indent from my butt in one of the cushions.



I heart Susanna Shaw’s Hover-spoon. The utensils balance on the rim of cups and bowls, appearing to float. Fortunately, the Hover-spoon also provides a clean way of resting your cutlery during dinner. Ironically, there are forks and spoons available in the aesthitcally beautiful collection. I’d feel a little gipped if I were the spoon’s four-pronged, un-named sidekick. You know if, um, forks had feelings and all.



rice is full of colorful and nostalgic fun this season. Their Bake in Style section is amazing. I’m really into all the pastels lately, which I’ve never been a fan of before.


Lemon Squeezer.

Another example of great design at work. It seems like this lemon squeezer at j-me would be perfect for putting a few drops of lemon in your tea or on your salad. Not to mention I think it would make measuring a breeze.


Drink Up.

Everyone has excess coffee mugs in their cabinets – it’s like they breed in there. I’m no exception, but think I could make room for a few more if they were these sleek designs over at tabletools.

Left to right: Bormioli Rocco Oslo Cafe Ware espresso cup 4 for $16.99, Bormioli Rocco Roma coffee mug and saucer 6 piece set for $24.95, WMF Kult Coffee collection $17.95.


Paillettes Table Runners.

I’ve been meaning to post about these Paillettes table runners for a while now because I love them. I’m of the opinion that they could be dressed up or down depending on what kind of get-together you’re having. It’s a bonus that they are re-usable and can be either hand-washed or wiped up with a sponge. The runners (63 x 10″) are sold in pairs of color combos: melon/apple or raspberry/blush for $25.


De Luxe Plastic Cutlery.

There was a time in my life when I believed that everything kitchen-related should be plastic. I’m happy to have outgrown that phase, however this De Luxe plastic cutlery from Pandora fits right into that mind-set. I’m loving these translucent utensils that have modern-baroque embossing on their handles. Colors available include green, purple, red and blue (apparently no pink, orange, or clear any longer) and are £15 per set.


Rosanna Inc.

I’ve said before how I’m not the type of person to have only one set of dishes. I love design too much and it’s too large a part of me to do so.

I recently discovered Rosanna Inc. where it’s all dinnerware all the time. There are so many amazing patterns and designs to check out that I’m positive I could find at least five sets I’d like to have for myself. Here are some of my favorites. I’m especially into the number and Days of Christmas.


Urchin Orb Pendant.

I love this Urchin Orb Pendant from Union Street Glass. The combination of “sparkle and spikes” is mesmerizing. The pendant is available in eleven colors, but I prefer the clear. There are also three different size (large is shown above – 14 x 14″) for sale – $1210 for the large, $715 for the standard and $284 for the mini.

The owners, Guy and Leanne Corrie, use old world glassblowing techniques to create innovative design concepts in a unique art form. Even though the shop has been around since 1980, they still only employ ten people and produce about thirty pieces a day. Contemporary art that’s both beautiful and functional – love it.