Happy Weekend.


Have you been having an amazing first week of fall? I have. Here in Oklahoma we’re experiencing a lot of below average temperatures and I’m soaking up every moment! Not only did I break out the Halloween decorations (fine, that was last week), but some long sleeves, too. Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this week’s Mad Props!

Download these pom pom printables for your next girl’s night in

I very badly want to throw a backyard fall soiree

Repurpose chip containers to make this rad organizer

No one’s perfect, not even cake decorators

I’d use this menu wheel for a dinner party

Soak up Mankind Mag’s last issue

Feather Report now jumps cities and has an app for your phone

How to spend Under $100: in the garden

Check out the Where the Wild Things Are pop-up shop

Head over heels for these velvet pumpkins

Make your own Starbucks-esque Pumpkin Spice Latte

Beautiful science-themed weddings

Make your own (healthier) fast food

Old-school Halloween party save-the-date printable

Fun + bright Cirque du Bebe shower suite to download

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Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed.

Toddler beds are fascinating to me, not quite crib or grown-up bed. Nice and low to the ground so you don’t have to sleep with rails tucked into the sides of the mattress like I did until I was 5. The Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed is my pick. For my imaginary toddler.


Reckon Onesies.

I’m nowhere close to having a baby, but sometimes a girl just sees something that can make her ovaries ache the slightest bit. Like these hip and cool onesies from Reckon.



Leave it to the Swedish to design something so simple and genius. Check out Mawok. It’s supposed to replace your baby’s crib and be their first bed. You can put it right next to your bed where you can monitor them or just reach out to rock them to sleep. There’s also a version that hangs over doors. And it’s portable, so you can take it on visits or vacations. So smart.

:: via poppytalk


Mademoiselle Rocking Chair.

One of my best memories of being little is my rocking chair. My grandmother bought it for my mom when she had me. She nursed me in, rocked me when I was sick, and later it was a home for my stuffed animal collection. I’m head over heels for the Mademoiselle Rocking Chair. The lack of arms might not be the most ideal for functionality, but wow, it sure is gorgeous!


Gift List: The Little Ones.

1. Flyer little miss flyer scooter Radio
Your child will ride trouble-free with the uniquely designed ergonomic grip handle. With just the push of a button, the fold-down handle will hug the base making storage and portability easy. This adorable and practical scooter is the perfect first scooter for your child.

2. sock monkey slippers
Slip on these snuggly monkey slippers, reminiscent of the sock monkeys from the 1940’s. Classic, nostalgic and trendy in one!

3. name poster
give us the name (or any word!) and we’ll make it magically appear from a sea of monochome letters. choose from 4 color ways, in 2 different sizes.

4. crayon rocks
Specially shaped to allow small fingers to color in large, wide strokes, promoting confidence in creating kids’ art.

5. organic cotton giraffe blanket
Sweet and classic, this organic cotton giraffe is all-natural and chemical-free, with no chemical dyes that might irritate baby’s skin.

6. animals 5-piece children’s utensil set
This flatware set re-imagines the most familiar pieces of cutlery as exotic animals. A dessert spoon becomes a giraffe, the soup spoon is a smiling hippo, the knife is a toothy crocodile, and the fork is a playful shark. The set even includes a unique French fry fork in the shape of a baby alligator.

7. moon in my room
Detailed light-up moon hangs on wall and shines just like the real thing!

8. slide whistle
Play it like a slide trombone, imitate bird calls or make wonderful “cartoon” sound effects!

9. les Deglingos
A unique species of quirky animals!


A-Z Animal Flashcards.

A set of these A-Z Animal Flashcards framed and hung on a child’s bedroom wall? So cool.

From Anteaters to Zebras, each letter of the alphabet is paired with a detail of the animal along with the upper and lowercase letters. The backs of the cards show a silhouette of the full animal and an interesting fact about its unique feature. For example, did you know, rabbits can see behind them without even turning their heads? Illustrations are by Mark Fisher.

:: via Pretty Little Things