Happy Weekend


01/ Where rot meets fascination.
02/ Outdoor rugs made of rocks – so smart.
03/ Chalktrail looks like the best time!
04/ Paper towels colored with leftover egg dye.
05/ I used to dye flowers like this as a kid!
06/ Typography + Knives
07/ These dip-dyed paper placemats are such fun!
08/ Wishing I were patient enough for this ombre nail job.
09/ I don’t use glass paint nearly enough, check out these tumblers.
10/ Fantastic patterns on every one of these Coaster Puzzle Trays.


Happy Weekend

VIA: Design Fetish

The holiday season is officially upon us, are you ready??

01/ definitely picking up this matte lip stain
02/ it’s not too late for a Wild Turkey Cocktail!
03/ maybe I could wear one of these headbands out shopping today?
04/ Joy the Baker has a cookbook coming out!
05/ pumpkin-maple breakfast pudding – YUM
06/ DIY cranberry liqueur
07/ make a DIY George Nelson-inspired slat bench



Possibly the best take on a piggy bank I’ve ever seen, Oink reimagines the classic with two large slots for nostrils and corked plugs for ears. The slots make depositing your earnings a breeze, while the corks let you remove your hard earned cash without breaking the bank (pun intended). (via Design Milk)


Happy (Labor Day) Weekend

PHOTO: Ana Santos


01/ a go-to recipe for a simple berry coulis
02/ these cast bottle vases are everywhere, but I couldn’t help myself
03/ an updated DIY friendship bracelet in leather
04/ wooden envelope templates for extra special snail mail
05/ go fly a kite!
06/ the perfect fall motorcycle jacket
07/ a brilliant built-in wall outlet extension cord
08/ time for fall + spiced chai tea concentrate
09/ crazy about this geometric tiled patio!

See you Tuesday!


Sketch Set

Meant for kids… blah, blah, blah. I love this little roll-up sketch kit and it would fit perfectly in my purse for moments of inspiration that need to be captured now.


Typography Teething Toy

Unlike half of the people I know, I am not with child. (Whew.) But I am in love with type, and half tempted to buy one of these typography teether toys from the lovely Amy of Little Alouette to use as decor now and (possibly) kiddie entertainment later.

PS: This shop has the best baby presents!