3 to See.

Lovely things
that make every day pretty

Loads of inspiration
(be sure to check out her house!)

The sweet side of life
through the eyes and recipes of Helen

We Make Words.

Amy and Luci love words. And I love what Amy and Luci do with words. Because I love words, too.


3 to See.

A long time read of mine,
full of things to make you smile

Full of great design
and lovely little collections

Mouthwatering recipes and photos
that will make you drool on your keyboard

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3 to See.

I’m making a 4-day weekend out of Labor Day, so all of Friday’s usual suspects have been bumped forward to today…

A newbie on the the block
that I really look forward to

Beautiful food, beautiful photography, beautiful design
the trifecta of awesome

BFFs Julie and Kathryn
their love of design through their eyes

3 to See.

Dedicated to romantic, sweet, lovey-dovey,
sexy and heart-fluttering imagery

Full of pretty things and the
transformation of Nicole’s Oak Park home

Jam-packed with mouthwatering recipes
and gorgeous food photography


3 to See.

I’m sort of obsessed with this blog
about giving props to chicks who are awesome

Follow this amazing prop stylist and crafter
who also dabbles in cooking

Alyson covers fashion, design and inspirational finds
find her talents here, here and here, too

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Vale Design Paper Goods.

I’m thrilled that Erin, of Vale Design blog fame, has opened her own shop – Vale Design Paper Goods! The store is all about printables, which I love – no shipping required. Currently being offered are stationery and three favor box templates with more designs expected to roll in over the next few weeks. If you haven’t tripped over there yet, now is the time to do so. Congratulations Erin!


Missed Connections.

Sophie Blackall of Brooklyn is the mastermind artist behind Missed Connections, a blog all about missed opportunity and interaction. She takes random passings and creates the most beautiful imagery, then tells short stories about the moments behind them. I love her style and quippy humor, not to mention her handwriting!


3 to See.

A new-to-me daily read
full of beautiful, artful things

A gorgeously designed blog
thoroughly inspirational and motivational

Themed daily giveaways
that are sure to spread the love

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