Wish Gift List: enJOY it.

whistle necklace by falling whistles : 100% of proceeds go to rehabilitate war-affected children in the Congo and advocate for their freedom. This is the perfect gift for practically everyone on my list. It’s a fun an interesting piece and you can’t beat the benefits.

jcrew handbag : Maybe this is just on my wish list… but perfect for a close friend or sister.

love t-shirt by max wanger : I love that this says t-shirt say “LOVE” in such a subtle way.

monogrammed mugs by anthroplogie : perfect for anyone, teachers, coworkers, cousins. Fill it with candy or coffee beans.

Anatomy of Love print by Rifle Paper Co. : This is the perfect poster for my fiance who’s in his last year of med school.

Love Life the book by Kal Barteski : I have this book and want to wrap one up for my mom.

lime green oversized clutch by Patkas : Love this for at least half of my girlfriends.

Matruska Measuring Cups : Perfect measuring cup set for anyone who likes to bake.

illustrated calendar by floradouville : Love this small calendar from France, great as a small gift for friends.

Thanks, Elise! You can find more of Elise’s mad creative talent and words at enJOY it.


Wish Gift List: Shiny Squirrel.

For new apartment owners who need to fill their bare walls. Rich Tu’s print is understated perfection.

Dear Golden Vintage Dandy Spectator Shoes. These would definitely be for me. I am completely smitten with spectator and saddle shoes and have requested them for the Holidays

Small Stump: Horse Slice. This would be great for Ashley Cheeks from It’s Ok my Dear because she is always working with these type of little animals and I can imagine this in her studio.

Suno NY: Anything from their Spring collection. My friend Dana, who is tall and blonde and woud look incredible in these prints

Palmer and Sons’ suitcases. My brother needs a perfect suitcase to carry around his freshly published stories and manuscripts.

Cubist Literature. Me again!! I am smitten with Craig’s designs and he looks so cute in the sweater so I hope I do too!

Windy Freda: Feather Crown. Andrew Mersits, one of my closest friends and lead singer of a bad ass band in Brooklyn called Lady Magma. She could totally pull off this feather crown for one of her performances.

Karen Walker Sunglasses. Any girl who knows the power of a good pair of sunglasses and Karen Walker takes the cake nowadays.

Double Parlour Sculpture. My mom because she collects little masks and sculptures for her walls.

Warsaw Handmade Bag – Rifle Bag. Great for artists, architects, or anyone who has to carry tubes around!

Anyone would be grateful to receive any one of these insanely creative gifts, thanks Jessica. You can find Jessica writing at Shiny Squirrel among her many ventures!


Wish Gift List: Ill Seen, Ill Said.

Jane here from Ill Seen, Ill Said! I’m one of those freakish people who likes giving more than receiving. If I ever came into real money, I’d spend equal parts on myself and all my friends, no doubt burning through the entire windfall with ridiculous speed. So, when Kelly asked me to contribute a fantasy gift list, I was ready, willing and able!

My Mum is gentle and homey and Ireland’s damp windy days often get to her. A cashmere sweater from TSE would keep her warm and cozy, but in the manner to which she’s become accustomed.

Daddy is retiring this winter and has been exploring photography as a retirement pastime. He has a great eye, but is learning digital photography for the first time. I’d make it easier on him by splurging on a Leica.

Laura is my knitting friend. Her love of textiles is unparalleled and thanks to her influence, I’ve learned to look at material labels much more closely than I ever did. She’d love a Melin Tregwynt Welsh blanket for nights curling up knitting.

My Irish friend Jen is getting married next summer. I love Jen. She’s crazy about Anais Nin, 1920’s style and is hopelessly romantic. I’d love to buy her something vintage and special to have for her wedding (it could be her something blue too!)

Karen is my most forgetful friend. But when I blogged about this Arctic Pear lamp from Ochre it made an imprint on her consciousness and she waxes lyrical about it very often. I’d love to watch her unwrap this gift!

Candace is my crazy friend. She’s lived in Toronto her whole life, but still doesn’t know where anything is. We get drunk and silly together and watch the most terrible TV. And one Halloween we dressed up as Edina and Patsy from AbFab. Because it’s equal parts funny and showy, she’d love this antique chandelier.

For my blog world friends (including Kelly!) I would buy up these calendars from Hello Handmade Paperie. I already nabbed one for myself and, believe me, they’re every bit as beautiful in person.

I don’t have a beau. But this is a fantasy post, so why not pretend! If I did I have, no doubt he would share my love of literature. This perfect man would love nothing more than this signed edition of Yeats’ poems. We’d curl up on the couch and read it while it snowed outside…

Although I can’t afford gifts like these, they do embody the essence of my friends and express a bit of what I try to inject into every gift I buy for them. I would love nothing more than to really shower the people on this list with these exact gifts. Thanks Kelly for letting my imagination run wild!


Wish Gift List: A Great Full Day.

When putting together my Holiday Wish Gift List I couldn’t help but think that all the recipients on my list were already so blessed! Sure I’d love to give my loves-to-bake sister a KitchenAid Mixer with all the attachments. A BMW x5 has always been my parents dream car. And I’d love to gift my hubby a first edition of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. But as you can see, they must all be pretty lucky to even dream of these things.

So many across the world dream of simple luxuries that I know I take for granted more often than not. So I decided I was going to put together an ultimate wish gift list. A list for those in real need of a gift. So here we go…take a look at my list and feel free to help dreams come true by clicking on the links.

To: The Hungry Children Across the World

A Gift of Cows, Goats, a Flock of Chicks and a Pig from Heifer International. These little critters will get you started and soon you and your family will have regular meals to eat! And for a little fun, I’d give you the Polar Critter Collection from Moonstruck chocolate because every one deserves a little chocolate–and they are cute too, I’m sure they’d make you smile.

To: The Thirsty Villages
A Freshwater Well from Charity:Water. This gift will provide you with clean drinking water and safety from disease and sickness. It will also give you back many hours that you’d usually spend walking to get water allowing you to work or go to school. And I’d throw in some fun SIGG bottles so you’d always have water on hand, no matter where you wander.

To: The Sick Children and Their Families
I’d love to give you the cure to cancer, or the medicine to stop your hurting but it is not there to give just yet. So I’d make a very large donation in each and every one of your names to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With this extra funding, scientists could find the medicines and techniques to take away your pain. And to brighten the days until this happens, I’d also like to send you “An Awesome Book” from Dallas Clayton. It will help realize the power of your dreams.

To: The Abused Animals
For you sweet, innocent animals I’d like to give you a visit to the vet. Don’t worry it is not all bad! They’ll get you all fixed up and bathe you too. Once you are all ready to go, I’d give you a loving family that will give you lots of belly rubs, slobbery kisses and a spot on the bed. By donating to the ASPCA, my money will help you all find your forever homes. A fancy new collar from Blanket will keep you looking cute and make sure you never end up lost and lonely.

To: Lost and Lonely Souls
I offer you the peace and joy that only a loving God can give. To help all of you find the words that will heal your heart and make your life worth living I’d donate to Samaritan’s Purse. They’d be able to provide you a Bible and direction in your new journey. To make sure you always remember that you are loved, I’d also like to give you Cartier’s Love Bracelet to wear as a reminder.

To: The World
I’d like to buy the world a coke! You know like the commercial. Now I know that this wouldn’t solve the rest of the problems and issues out there today but I have to think that the fizzy bubbling goodness would at least bring temporary peace. And while we’re at it…let’s try singing a song too, the harmony doesn’t even have to be perfect. That’d be nice!

This is my ultimate wish gift list (condensed). I know that my friends and family would be happy to forgo their own presents for life in order to make these happen – wouldn’t you? I know it is a big, big wish list but a girl can dream. Maybe one day this list won’t even be needed! Now that would be the ultimate gift.

A very merry Christmas to you and yours!
May the Spirit of the season be with you year round.

Gratefully yours,
{ Lindsey }

Thanks, Lindsey, for putting things into perspective and warming our hearts. You can read more from Lindsey at A Great Full Day!


Word: Bread of Many.

{via ffffound, no source}

I wish…

…I wish I was as loyal as ‘Dusty Springfield’ by the Haywains

…I wish I was as charming as ‘C is the Heavenly Option’ by Heavenly

…I wish I was as brave as ‘Birthday’ by the Sugarcubes

…I wish I was as confident as ‘Crazy’ by Pylon

…I wish I was as optimistic as ‘Rise and Shine’ by the Cardigans

I wish I was music to someone’s ears.

Thanks to Haley of Bread of Many for this week’s super creative Word! Spin on over to her etsy shop for an eyeful of awesomeness.


Wish Gift List: Apartment #34.

This may be a holiday of the homemade and baked goods but if I had all the resources in the world I’d love to splurge on these treats for all the loved ones in my life.

For the boys
Every cool guy has gotta have a good coat and shades.

For the girls

Beautiful cambiere candles by minedesign from Reverie Daydream Boutique. A delicious scent and the candles reveal beautiful patterns when warm.

For the foodies

Cooking classes. The best of which have to be Sunday Suppers – someday I will get myself to one of their stunning fetes.

For the fashionistas

Every stylish girl needs a little glitter for the holidays – I’d love to give the 3.1 Philip Lim beaded dress.

For the decor mavens
A little something to stay cozy around their house. The luxurious throw from Cox and Cox would do the trick.

For the traveler
Because every girl on the run needs the perfect weekender.

For my fiance
My heart via here

For my BFF
There’s nothing better than a girls getaway, right? I think a weekend at the Ace Palm Springs would be perfect remedy for post-holiday hangover. (photos via www.loumorablog.com)

For me!
A little pretty frivolity always makes the holidays bright Julianne Natalia chemise.

Happy shopping!

Thanks for the great gift-giving ideas, Erin! You can find her treasure hunting for fashion and style at Apartment #34.


Wish Gift List: The Lil Bee.

My Secret Santa recipient:
The Office Clue Game. The perfect marriage of a hilarious sitcom and the old-school board game. The card will read: Dwight Schrute in the Conference Room with a Stapler.
My friend Melanie is the best gift giver so I always try to be equally as creative, and that usually means turning to my favorite blogs for inspiration. These melamine plates that I saw on Caro’s blog incorporate Yasmine’s beautiful downloadable designs from A Print A Day.

My cousin:
She’s just moved to Boulder and would look adorable in this faux fur vest from Fred Flare. And since the weather in Colorado can make dressing a bit difficult, I’ll give her the Feather Report app to help her pick out her outfits each day.

My mom:
My mother and I both collect mismatched teacups and saucers, so I’m constantly on the lookout for pieces to add to her collection. This Remember Me teacup from etsy shop Gathering Vintage and pretty much anything from Ninainvorm’s gorgeous shop are right up her alley.

My dogs:
We’ll make a donation in their name to our favorite animal rescue site, Save A Sato, which places abandoned and abused dogs from Puerto Rico into loving homes in the States.

My little girl:
This year is my daughter’s first Christmas, and while I know she’s too young to appreciate gifts, I want to get her something to mark the occasion. This print by Abby Powell Thompson would look adorable in her pink and yellow nursery. She’ll also get this Mini Rodini electric guitar tee, to help cultivate her inner rockstar.

My husband:
Paulie and I love photography and own a couple of Abby’s prints already. I know he’d appreciate this “autumn road” polaroid print, which is reminiscent of the quiet, winding road where we live. And though I have quite a few other things up my sleeve for him, I can’t spill the beans—he’s most definitely snooping this list!

This year Melisa’s family is has a $75 spending limit, so every gift she’s listed is $75 or less! You can read more from her at The Lil Bee and get your daily fashion forecast at The Feather Report. Thanks, Mel!


Wish Gift List: Two Brunettes.

My Sister
My Sister always wants everything and is the easiest more fun person on my shopping list. I know whatever I pick out for her she will love and I tend to go overboard sometimes!

Two Brunettes Calendar, she keeps begging for one and wants to support her sister. Set of 3 Budding Twig Cuff Braclet from Kristincoffin’s shop. A Makool Loves You bag, and Little Houses.

My Mom
My mom is always looking to brighten up her home, and never takes the time to take care of herself, so on my shopping list for her is nothing practical!

The Little Farm House wire baskets and soap & lotion set. Paper Source tea bags and tea cup.

My Hubby
My husband loves movies, coffee, and being comfortable. Boys are usually hard to buy for but I find it so easy to shop for him and can’t wait to start! Its also his birthday, so he gets double presents!

Nespresso machine from William-Sonoma and Urban Outfitter slippers.

My BFF is so important to me, and deserves lots of love in her present.

An inklore bag from Mag Pie Lovely. Big As* Book of Crafts from Paper Source and Two Brunettes Je’taime note card set.

Don’t you want to be on Carolynn’s Gift List, too? Great presents. You can check her out at Two Brunettes. Thanks, Carolynn!


Wish Gift List: mackin ink.

i always sort of tilt my head to one side and scrunch up my nose when i hear the saying actions speak louder than words. do they really? because, for me at least, words absolutely scream. which is why i like to give and get words as gifts. not because i like to yell. but because words stick to my heart way more than a grand gesture.

let’s start with a kiss for my love. because it always begins with a kiss, yes?

and once it begins, it would be lovely to keep it going. this’d be a pretty genius reminder for those who always seem to land on the naughty list…
speaking of naughty, this is perfect for my friend whose pub behavior leaves me covering my pink cheeks and whispering ohmygod. no she isn’t. the splits? really? ohmygod.
this is for my friend in jordan who dreams of peace, in both great and small measure…
and this is for my friend headed to mali in a few months, whose dreams for the world are a bit more small, but no less great…

this to remind my girlies three of who they are…

and this because it’s exactly how i wish they sail through life. plus i hope they reference obscure words in ordinary conversations. pronounced correctly. i will wear it until their hands grow. i am selfless like that.

this is for my girl whose everyday love is more perfect than any dream she could ever dream. plus it’s ruffly. and everyone loves a good ruffle.

plus this print to remind her that nothing’s perfect all of the time. plus it’s from t.ruffles. and i’m hoping that everyone loves a good t.ruffle.
this for my friend who needs to be reassured that she’s my favorite. even beyond turquoise or sour patch kids…

and this to remind us all that our most favorite thing of all is love. the easiest and most difficult gift to give, yes?

kelly? you know how i feel about you, so i won’t even tell you in front of all of your other lovelies. but i will send you two of my most favorite words for always always giving us your best: thank and you. by the way? my other two most favorite words together? kiss and me. good thing you’re in oklahoma.

one more thing. i’m karey m. and i spill words at mackin ink. i am also a t.ruffle girl. please visit when you have a moment.