Little Corners: Hank + Hunt

Today we’re popping in to check out Hank + Hunt‘s (aka Jenny Batt’s) home base!

My favorite part of the house is the giant dining room / work area that I have. There is a huge picture window and gorgeous light.  It is where I make everything, shoot everything, and blog everything. I love the wall of windows I have to the backyard, which is so green and wonderful, I have massive bright orange poppies coming! I love that we have a gas fireplace and can flip it on with the flip of a switch. It is AWESOME. This house is much bigger than our last one, and it has a foyer! A foyer! Hooray! I never knew how much I liked them until I didn’t have one.



Little Corners: The Ravenna Girls

The little corners of The Ravenna Girls’ casa.

We bought our 1922 Seattle Bungalow as a foreclosure in 2009, and as such it needed a lot of TLC. We’re both architects by training, so there is a lot of experimenting here and there going on as far as larger projects go. We like our little corners where we can easily swap out artwork and seasonal decor to keep things fresh without stressing out too much about design. We’ve tried to keep a fairly neutral backdrop where we can let colorful vintage finds and repurposed items shine. Our design tends to an eclectic mix of mid-century pieces with some whimsy thrown in. Some of our favorite furniture pieces are family heirlooms and they really bring that heart to our home.



Little Corners: Miss Modish

The little corners of Miss Modish’s (aka Jena Coray’s) abode.

We bought our modest little 667sf house about two years ago, and although there’s still many projects to tackle, we’ve had so much fun painting it crazy colors and doing whatever we want for the first time! My main decorating tools are thrift store finds, art, plants and cats. 🙂 And light. I love the way the light pours into this home, and these spots are some of my favorite places to soak it up!



Little Corners

You love your home, right? But what about that hand-me-down sofa you just can’t shake. Or the shabby wall-to-wall carpeting that just isn’t in the budget to replace. We all have areas in our spaces that we’d like to improve upon, but why focus on them? Let’s enjoy the parts that make our hearts go pitter patter. The light fixture in the entryway that you saved up for. Or the chair that’s been passed down in your family for three generations. Yes? YES! Our favorite little corners where you wouldn’t change a thing deserve to be celebrated.

That’s why we’re starting a new feature – Little Corners. Right here, right now and I’m kicking things off with my favorite spots in my own house. If you’re interested in contributing and sharing your favorite corners, please email for details. Let’s focus on the things we’re doing right rather than what we’d like to change!