Every Man Jack.

My office mate/Fresh Peel blogger Chris clued me in to Every Man Jack – a new mens’ line at Target.

“Every Man Jack makes body bars and body wash to help you get a clean start on each day. But using our stuff won’t get you that raise. Or give you abs of steel. Or make you utterly irresistible. Because, well, that would be ridiculous. EMJ will, however, give you products made from high-quality formulas and natural ingredients, without costing you an arm and a leg. We’ll make you clean. And we’ll keep you feeling comfortable. The rest is up to you. “

I’m well aware that this sort of angle has been done before, but I really like it paired with this product line. Besides that I’m totally digging the wood grain look on the bottles. I’d love to see this in a guy’s shower.


Lucky Scent.

Perfume bottle design is fascinating to me and I 100% base my decision whether or not to buy one on the bottle. Lucky Scent is just feeding the beast in me because I could spend hours browsing the different scents up for grabs. They pride themselves on having scents not available in your local department stores which makes stopping by their site totally worth your time. Besides that, you can order samples (for a small fee) to test before going for the big bottle.


Liquid Sky Arts.

I came across Liquid Sky Arts by way of Kathleen Rossi-Howell’s blog – Senseless Acts of Beauty. And just the other day in my post about PaPaYa I unknowingly posted a Christmas card that she had designed for them. Kathleen has just released her own Christmas card collection and is a very talented jeweler as well, her pendants are amazing. Visit her site to see even more of her talent.



I’m such a jewelry junkie.

Clay-Pot is a neighborhood staple in Park Slope, but it’s also a nationally recognized source for America’s premier jewelry designers. Seventy-five different artists represent a incredible range of styles. Along with incredible every day pieces, Clap-Pot also offers engagement rings and wedding bands (no worries, there are two certified diamond specialists to help you out).

Clockwise from top Left: Melissa Joy Manning – White Gold Wishbone Earrings $115, HINU – Large Disc Pendant $100, Jane Hollinger – Coco Necklace $100, Dana Kellin – Small Wrap Blue Topaz Earrings $150, Becky Kelso – Rosecut Aquamarine Sterling SIlver Ring $252


Dew Drop Necklace.

One of my very favorite necklaces in my jewlery box is in the shape of a teardrop. There’s something very chic and modern about it.

This Dew Drop Necklace ($35) at Modishoppe is going on my Wish List. It’s actually a piece of copper with layers of robin’s egg blue glass enamel fused onto it. Basically a two-for-one since the backside is the copper itself. Completely reversible.


Ruler Ring.

I love jewelry – silver please, thankyouverymuch – especially rings and necklaces. I have a few unique pieces that tend to be my favorites, like my Thoreau quote necklace and the ring my friend, Aaron, made for me as a Christmas present a few years ago. I can completely see this Ruler Ring by Fancy falling into just that category. For $60.


Happy 5th Veer.

It’s been five years since Veer stepped into the peripherals of creatives everywhere. Not just a stock photo house, but a provider of good photography, illustrations, motion clips and typefaces. Someplace different that allows “us” to break out of the grid and make things work, filter out the mundane, and do the best work possible. Pretty cool. I know that Veer is my source of choice and lots of other designers feel the same way.

I almost forgot to mention Veer’s incredible merchandise. Part self-promotion, part signature design. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Kern Zip Up $69

Extra Black Hoodie $59

Type City Prints $55/10


Holly Golightly Sleep Mask.

If you know me then you know that I love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and everything Audrey Hepburn. I was pumped when I saw this Holly Golightly sleep mask ($14) at Fred Flare. Love it – even if I don’t understand how or why anyone could sleep with something over their eyes.


The Bubble Roome.

The Bubble Roome’s bath and body products are the brainchild of David E. Johnston. Pre-9/11 David spent his days (and many nights I’m guessing) designing websites and multi-media projects. After the job market took its fabled downswing, he decided to take things into his own hands and utilize the design and marketing skills he’d garnered over the years to enbark on a new adventure. To his kitchen to be exact, where The Bubble Roome was born.

Um, David, I think you’re going to need a bigger kitchen sometime soon. The TBR packaging is incredibly well-designed and right on target for us product junkies. When you have a chance, check out the site, too. I’m wondering if David designed it himself.