Be Tough Tee.

Sebastien and Ivan over at Atypyk created the badass Be Tough t-shirt some time ago. It was even curated for bit until being brought back to life. And I’m so glad it was because I’m 99% sure that wearing it would be the one time in my life when I got to pack some heat.


No-Knit Scarf.

Confession time.
I have a scarf/hat/winter coat fetish.

So much so that when the cold weather finally recedes and it’s time to store my Winter Wear it takes up an entire storage bin. Not including coats. Gulp. I can’t help it! Every winter there’s always some piece(s) that I just have to add to my arsenal against the elements.

So far this year there are two must-haves on my list. The Scoodie and now this No-Knit scarf. Maybe the No-Knit scarf doesn’t even have to count, it being a craft project and all…


Lucky Half Necklace.

Like a lot of people, my grandmother and I used to have a tradition every Thanksgiving and Christmas where the two of us would break the wishbone. In retrospect it’s a little disgusting (breaking animal bones for luck??). But none the less great memories indeed.

Maybe that’s one reason I’m so infatuated with the Lucky Half necklace by designer Alexis Canter. Who doesn’t want to be a perpetual winner? Although I do hope Alexis decides to create a white gold or platinum version for those of us who don’t wear yellow gold.


Name Necklace.

I accidentally came across this Paraphernalia name necklace via Poppytalk this afternoon and cannot stop thinking about how badly I need to own it. Of course I’d probably end up putting something snarky on it – like Devilish – instead of my real name. What can I say – I love words. Paraphernalia also has other equally interesting necklaces: care for a heart, brain or molar?


Simple Halo.

Last weekend at The Girlie Show one of my purchases was this Simple Halo necklace from Freshie & Zero. Their hammered jewelry is incredible and I had a tough time choosing between a few of the different pieces. It strikes me as really ironic that something as forceful as hammering can have an end result so delicate. I also had a chance to meet and chat with “Freshie” who’s a real doll. I’ve mentioned before how I wear about five necklaces on a regular basis and I knew the moment I picked this one up that it was going to be part of the rotation.



Recently I’ve taken up a major interest in skincare product design. Not really sure where or when it started, but it shows no signs of leaving any time in the near future.

Today I bring to you Vaishaly. Vaishaly is a “superfacialist” from the UK who believes in the simplest, purest skincare regimes: two steps to be exact. Cleansing and moisturizing. Her philosophy is that you don’t need a cabinet full of products to have great skin. (Sounds good to me and my bank account, being the self-proclaimed Product Whore that I am.) As a bonus, all of Vaishaly’s products are based on natural and organic ingredients. A first for any facialist.

On the packaging side of things, I love the simple V logo resembling two pieces of grass and the beautifully contrasting light blue and chocolate brown colors. My bet is that any girl would be hard-pressed to hide these away in a cabinet.



imogene is a lovely little online shop out of Baltimore run by Annie, Steve and Joey their pitbull. the coolest thing is that they deal directly with imogene’s featured designers, maintain their own site and ship everything to you themselves. it’s literally a two-and-a-half man studio. Definitely stpo by and check out the goods. I especially dig their paper selection and jewelry.


Flower Rings.

I’m drooling over these vintage-inspired Flower Rings by designer Jane Diaz at Garnet Hill. The jeweled flower is placed on a tiny, thin rose gold band which is so, so pretty. (And I’m almost always a non-gold kinda gal.) The rings are available in three combos: Labradorite/Rhodolite Garnet, Amethyst/Peridot or Ruby/Hessonite Garnet.


ARCONA Skin Care.

The ARCONA brand is known and respected for its high quality, luxury skin care formulations and their ability to make a positive change without cosmetic surgery. I know it because I saw the packaging and loved it. There’s something about the clean, unblemished containers that suggest the product within can have the same effect on your skin. Well done.


Best T-Shirt Ever.

This shirt is fantastic because it’s so, so true. I love that type can be so deceptive.

Shirt reads: This paragraph could be talking about poop and pee but at first glance you wouldn’t know because it’s executed in the beautiful Bickham Script. If you didn’t know any better, you would think I’m talking about girly stuff like butterflies or flowers. Lame.

(Luke Lisi via Resdesigners)