Trending: Hanging Planters


Set of 3 Small Hanging Planters for Air Plants by Cor Pottery // Copper and Brass Hanging Planter by IN.SEK // Ballast Air Plant Holders by The MiA Project

I’ve been wanting to add some small, staggered hanging planters to a corner of my living room for months now. Everywhere I turn there’s another fantastic hanging planter that I want to add to my home – copper, clay, geometric, you name it. And it would seem I’m not the only one with my eye on these space-saving flora accessories.



Hanging Planter by l&m studio // Wren Miniature Plant Pot by Jo Lucksted // Black and Pink Marbled Planter by Leah Ball



Small Plant Hanger by KKDW // Large Line Planter Ceramic Hanging Planter by Half Light Honey Studio // Hang Vaasje by AFNOLET


Trending: Translucent Lucite


Mid-Century Lucite Acrylic Stool from Migrations // Colorblock Monogram Tray by Pencil Shavings Studio // On Center Cabinet Handle by House of Antique Hardware

Modern and chic or trashy cool? Oh lucite, you’re so controversial! In moderation the transparency of lucite can act as a tool to visually open up a space or add a touch of 60s vibe. Stick to clean lines and minimal color and you’re set.



Illusion Bookshelf by Anthropologie // Round Dial Transparent Strap Watch by May 28th // Vintage Mid-Century Folding Chairs from Rambling Vintage Gypsy



Lucite Desk Collection by Anthropologie // Ben-Amun Lucite Cuff // Vintage Lucite Bar Cart from 1stdibs


Trending: Fiber Tapestry Art


Sonadora Handmade

I remember as a kid absolutely hating fiber tapestry art, especially the brown piece hanging in my aunt and uncle’s apartment. It just wasn’t art to me. Now I think they’re incredible and I can’t wait to try my hand at creating a piece of my own. Whether you love them or hate them one thing is for sure, these wall hangings are experiencing a trendy comeback.



The Brick House // BrookandLyn



Design Love Fest // Julie Thevenot



jujujust // Native Line



Habit Studio // Slow Down Productions


Trending: Shibori


Hand Dyed Indigo Silk Shibori Scarf by Lizard Land // Black Shibori Oversized Foldover Clutch by Aiko Threads // Original Shibori Fabric Notecards by Cape Cod Shibori

Tie-dye is experiencing yet another comeback, but not just any tie-dye – shibori. Shibori is a Japanese process for resist-dyeing cloth by binding, folding, twisting and compressing. There are tons of ways to manipulate fabric for shibori, each one creating different designs and patterns. And right now it’s showing up everywhere in the home and on the runway.



Shibori Pillow Cover by pillow1 // Hand Dyed Shibori Scarf with Fringe by Oh Suzanni // Blue Shibori Dip Dye Pillowcase Pair by Noble & Iron



Blocked Tote by Job & Boss // Shibori Hand Dyed Indigo Dinner Napkins by Squid Whale Designs // Shibori Wristlet Clutch by Sea & Stone


Trending: Aztec


Black and White Aztec Patter iPhone Case – Vasare Nar // Printed Long Sleeve Knit – Seed Heritage // Globetrotter Loafers – Forever21 // Winter Aztec Dress – Necessary Clothing

The new year is kicking off with Aztec-inspired prints across the board. This bold, graphic print has been popping on garments, accessories, and in the home. It’s equally eye-catching in black and white or bold colors, and lends itself especially well to cold weather essentials like cardigans and throws. I can’t wait to get on board!



Loom Beaded Geometric Earrings – Everything Golden // World Traveler Open Front Cardigan – Forever21 // Aztec Necklace – Joyo // Janey Pillow – CB2



 Magical Thinking Metal Wall Bin – Urban Outfitters // Aztec Clutch – Nikita & Vesper // Bold Vintage Pattern Headwrap – Claire’s // Rustic Draped Front Cardigan – Forever21

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Trending: Concrete

This petite cement lamp with wood veneer shade from your nest inspired is 17.5″ tall, but only has a 3 x 3″ footprint. Perfect for small spaces and mood lighting.

Hand-cast concrete desk accessories from Magnus Pettersen would add such an industrial look to your desk. (And would also be perfect for the clumsy, such as myself.)

I’m actually super obsessed with this concrete USB drive. And I love that it’s described as “a contemporary artifact”.

I love the juxtaposition of heavy and bold with light and airy in these Weight vases.



When pressed to name my favorite shape I inevitably go with the circle. I like its fluid line, how there’s no real start or end to it all. But these days, at least in my own personal shape race, the triangle is closing the lead. It’s like the more angular, striking sister to the circle and I think I’m ready to have more of her in my life.

brass triangle necklace

mountain hoops

Collier Ludlow


Kitchen Help.

They say that cooking is an art, while baking is a science. I tend to lean towards the baking side of the spectrum, so being precise is big deal in my kitchen. Measurements, specific temperatures, baking soda versus baking powder. I love all of it. I’m a precise kind of girl by nature, really. Here are a few kitchen guides that have caught my eye lately.

Apron Guides. An entire apron full of useful information designed by John Caswell. Numeric conversions, cooking times for vegetables, roasting times for birds, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more right at your fingertips. And oriented so that you can pick up the hem in a pinch.

Cheat Sheet Placemat. A great way to teach kids to help out at the table. Or, if you’re like me, to teach yourself. Cotton and machine-washable for use time and time again. {via bltd}

Pastry Board. I’m currently trying to master the perfect pie crust, so the diameter measurements would greatly help me out and save lots of time. You can use the reverse side for chopping. It’s made from sustainable North American Birch, which makes you feel like you’re doing some good while getting a great product. {via design is mine}