Lucky Half Necklace.

Like a lot of people, my grandmother and I used to have a tradition every Thanksgiving and Christmas where the two of us would break the wishbone. In retrospect it’s a little disgusting (breaking animal bones for luck??). But none the less great memories indeed.

Maybe that’s one reason I’m so infatuated with the Lucky Half necklace by designer Alexis Canter. Who doesn’t want to be a perpetual winner? Although I do hope Alexis decides to create a white gold or platinum version for those of us who don’t wear yellow gold.


Name Necklace.

I accidentally came across this Paraphernalia name necklace via Poppytalk this afternoon and cannot stop thinking about how badly I need to own it. Of course I’d probably end up putting something snarky on it – like Devilish – instead of my real name. What can I say – I love words. Paraphernalia also has other equally interesting necklaces: care for a heart, brain or molar?


Simple Halo.

Last weekend at The Girlie Show one of my purchases was this Simple Halo necklace from Freshie & Zero. Their hammered jewelry is incredible and I had a tough time choosing between a few of the different pieces. It strikes me as really ironic that something as forceful as hammering can have an end result so delicate. I also had a chance to meet and chat with “Freshie” who’s a real doll. I’ve mentioned before how I wear about five necklaces on a regular basis and I knew the moment I picked this one up that it was going to be part of the rotation.



imogene is a lovely little online shop out of Baltimore run by Annie, Steve and Joey their pitbull. the coolest thing is that they deal directly with imogene’s featured designers, maintain their own site and ship everything to you themselves. it’s literally a two-and-a-half man studio. Definitely stpo by and check out the goods. I especially dig their paper selection and jewelry.


Flower Rings.

I’m drooling over these vintage-inspired Flower Rings by designer Jane Diaz at Garnet Hill. The jeweled flower is placed on a tiny, thin rose gold band which is so, so pretty. (And I’m almost always a non-gold kinda gal.) The rings are available in three combos: Labradorite/Rhodolite Garnet, Amethyst/Peridot or Ruby/Hessonite Garnet.


Best T-Shirt Ever.

This shirt is fantastic because it’s so, so true. I love that type can be so deceptive.

Shirt reads: This paragraph could be talking about poop and pee but at first glance you wouldn’t know because it’s executed in the beautiful Bickham Script. If you didn’t know any better, you would think I’m talking about girly stuff like butterflies or flowers. Lame.

(Luke Lisi via Resdesigners)


Liquid Sky Arts.

I came across Liquid Sky Arts by way of Kathleen Rossi-Howell’s blog – Senseless Acts of Beauty. And just the other day in my post about PaPaYa I unknowingly posted a Christmas card that she had designed for them. Kathleen has just released her own Christmas card collection and is a very talented jeweler as well, her pendants are amazing. Visit her site to see even more of her talent.



I’m such a jewelry junkie.

Clay-Pot is a neighborhood staple in Park Slope, but it’s also a nationally recognized source for America’s premier jewelry designers. Seventy-five different artists represent a incredible range of styles. Along with incredible every day pieces, Clap-Pot also offers engagement rings and wedding bands (no worries, there are two certified diamond specialists to help you out).

Clockwise from top Left: Melissa Joy Manning – White Gold Wishbone Earrings $115, HINU – Large Disc Pendant $100, Jane Hollinger – Coco Necklace $100, Dana Kellin – Small Wrap Blue Topaz Earrings $150, Becky Kelso – Rosecut Aquamarine Sterling SIlver Ring $252


Dew Drop Necklace.

One of my very favorite necklaces in my jewlery box is in the shape of a teardrop. There’s something very chic and modern about it.

This Dew Drop Necklace ($35) at Modishoppe is going on my Wish List. It’s actually a piece of copper with layers of robin’s egg blue glass enamel fused onto it. Basically a two-for-one since the backside is the copper itself. Completely reversible.


Ruler Ring.

I love jewelry – silver please, thankyouverymuch – especially rings and necklaces. I have a few unique pieces that tend to be my favorites, like my Thoreau quote necklace and the ring my friend, Aaron, made for me as a Christmas present a few years ago. I can completely see this Ruler Ring by Fancy falling into just that category. For $60.