Persida Lapsac.

I’m a bit of a bag whore. Lately I’ve been glued to my Timbuk2 because I can wrangle my MacBook, my lunch and whatever other “necessities” I need for the day into it. But it was love at first sight when I saw the Persida Lapsac yesterday. Not only is it stylish and design-y, but it has a built-in padded zipper pocket on the front for your laptop. And from the looks of it no one would ever guess that’s what you were packing. Genius.


Snow Squall Hat.

Short of brewing up some mulled wine tonight when I get home from work, I can think of nothing that will warm me up more than this snow squall hat. It’s the kind of cold today where that hat wouldn’t come off once I got inside.



For anyone not in the know, (PRODUCT) RED is about helping make a difference in Africa. When you purchase anything under the (PRODUCT) RED umbrella, the retailer will donate up to 50% to the Global Fund to help women and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

The program has been around at The Gap for awhile, but now Hallmark is getting in on the action with (PRODUCT) RED cards, gift wrap and merchandise. I hit up a store Friday and was really impressed with the design behind everything and managed to pick up a few cards myself. Check it out and support the cause.


Helvetica and Swatch.

Today I was reminded once again of what an awesome design shop I’m a part of. This afternoon we had our holiday gift exchange and I have to say how floored I am. My awesome co-worker, Chris, gave me Helvetica the movie which I’ve been pining over since it’s release. And my incredible boss, Jeff, gave us each a Swatch that matched our individual personality. An incredible shop and great people. I really do have it good.


Monday Goodness: I Listen to Bands.

“Is this type tee a badge of honor highlighting the wearer’s unique tastes in off-the-beaten-path music and other such awesomeness ignored by mainstream culture, an ironic indictment of others who condemn you for listening to a band once they sell fifty copies of their first album, or just about having imaginary marching bands cascading through your head at all times of the night and day? YES!”

I can think of a friend or five I need to buy this one for…


Avocado Necktie.

It’s freezing outside and we’re about to get hit with another winter storm sometime between tonight and tomorrow afternoon. I can’t believe it’s not even technically winter and all this crazy weather has been happening. In Oklahoma the cold-cold stuff doesn’t usually show up until after the New Year. Because of the wind factor here (constant) scarves of some sort are a must. This avocado necktie is a nice option besides a big, bulky scarf. And it can be worn under your winter coat or over a sweater. Nice.


Maxim Gloves.

These cable knit Maxim gloves go all the way up to your elbow and are perfect for all those three-quarter sleeved winter jackets that are oh so trendy right now. All the others I’ve looked at have been well over $100 and these come in at about half that. Score!