Oui Ring.

I’m seriously coveting this white gold Oui ring from Dior. A little more sparkly than I usually roll, but so much fun.


RoundUp: Valentine’s Day Gifts, Ideas + Stuff.

World’s Smallest Postal Service.
Here’s how it works: You write a letter and I transcribe it onto tiny stationary (1 x 1.5 inches) with a magical transcription device. It then goes into a tiny envelope which gets addressed, stamped, and sealed with a miniscule wax seal with your initial on it. The letter then goes into a see-through folded coin case and is packaged up with a magnifying glass in a larger glassine envelope, finished off with a large “World’s Smallest Letter” wax seal. It is then put in a sturdy mailer for shipping.

Two of a Kind. (via Josh Spear)
Many rings have been exchanged that symbolize a bond between two people… but few come close to the Two of the Kind ring in the romance department. Delivered in one piece, it’s meant to be broken by you and a loved one into two, perfectly matched rings. That way, when together, you really do “complete each other”.

Nice Dream Pink 1/2 Pint Mug. (via Ill Seen, Ill Said)

Love Letters. (via poppytalk)

La La Love You poster. (via perfectbound)
“All I’m sayin’ pretty baby…” This 11″ w by 17″ h poster features a lyric from everybody’s favorite indie-surf mutants, the Pixies. Light aqua blue with magenta and white type and a cute little heart on the bottom.

Kiddie Valentines.

Heart-shaped paper clips.
A piece-of-cake Valentine project: bend regular paper clips into little heart shapes.

Get in here.

Custom Silver Bracelet.
Go ahead – say something sweet in sterling silver. Our custom bracelets are expertly cast and hand-stamped with your message.


Inner Message.

Romance at it’s best…

A few years ago a Korean singer wrote a song about the sunburn mark that he found on his finger after he broke up with his girlfriend and removed a ring he had been wearing for a long time. This is the story that inspired Jungyun Yoon to make ‘Inner message’, a ring with hidden letters on the inside. Inner message is a ring that leaves an impression on the finger.


Medical Nameplates.

Take boring, tacky jewelry that shares your medical needs/condition and turn it into something to be worn as a statement. Something to be (dare I say it?) proud of. But that’s exactly what Hello! We Are _______. did with their medical nameplates and I couldn’t love the resulting necklaces and bracelets more!