The Three Graces.

Looking for the perfect authentic cocktail ring? Maybe just some new bling? Look no further than The Three Graces. Offering only antique, period jewelry (no reproductions) crafted prior to about 1940, The Three Graces offers a huge selection that you definitely need to check out for yourself. My favorites? Right here of course.

:: via Something Old, Something New


Floral Chiffon Dress.

On my way home from running errands Saturday I was pondering what to wear out that night and realized most of my clothes were in the laundry basket. Dirty. What else is a girl to do but buy something? Not having a ton of money to drop, I popped into the Old Navy by my house and found this super cute frock. And immediately bought it. As a bonus, it was really comfy, too!


A Brand New Bag.

I saw these jazzed up tote bags a few years ago in an issue of Living and have had the project in the back of my head every since. One of my favorite things to do is take something I’ve had hanging around in the back of some closet and reinvent it to the point of being completely new to me. Tote bags are the ultimate carry-all and this project proves just how versatile they can be. I think they’d make fun gifts, too.


Tom Binns.

When I stumbled upon Tom Binn’s gorgeous jewelry for the first time it quite literally took my breath away. The depth of his collections amazed me as well the candy-colored jewels each piece revolves around. However, his Faux Real line is my absolute favorite. I could find a reason to purchase each and every piece if I wanted to and create entire ensembles around them. Hell, I’d even wear them with my pajamas. My unsexy pajamas!

:: via coco + kelley


Renewable Clothing.

Fernando Brizio is on the cutting edge of design with his renewable clothing. By placing colored felt-tip markers into the pockets of his dresses their appearance changes over time. Within an hour or so the colored ink bleeds into the fabric and creates a one-off design for each wearing of the ensemble. The dress can then be washed and colored a different way for the next time!

:: via swissmiss


Fallon BFF Lyric Necklaces.

Remember those best friend necklaces from junior high? The ones with two necklaces that were usually a heart of something split into two halves? Yeah, those. These Fallon BFF Lyric Necklaces are so much better. Each half has a half line of song lyrics on it, so only together do the necklaces make any real sense.

: via Mackin Ink


Cartier LOVE Bracelet.

I’m not at all the type of girl who has a penchant for high dollar jewelry. I’m just not. I much prefer vintage pieces or pieces that are destined to become vintage over most else. Brand names just don’t mean that much to me in this category.

But then I saw the Cartier LOVE bracelet. And I want it. At the moment I don’t have anyone to give it to me. Actually, let me rephrase: I don’t think I’ve ever dated anyone I would allow to literally lock me into a piece of jewelry before. Oh, I know He’s out there somewhere. Just hopefully when he finally shows up he’ll be toting this bracelet (in silver please) and a screwdriver.