Happy Weekend

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10-Design Crush

01/ Watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? Make it interesting with Super Bowl bingo!
02/ Didga the cat rides a remote-controlled skateboard named Ollie like a pro.
03/ Project M is a five-story mural on a building in Berlin.
04/ Nekofont uses the flexible talents of Raizo and Mondo to create a typeface!
05/ Andrea Tese pays tribute to her grandfather in Inheritance.
06/ I don’t have trouble separating eggs, but Yolkfish is a lot of fun.
07/ Six designers are breaking up with products they once loved.
08/ Keeping Up Appearances is full of 15-foot crocheted doilies!
09/ NFL helmets get the haute couture treatment.
10/ Lip locking is all in a day’s work for The Makeout Project!

This week on Design Crush:
Jealous of this security envelope art from Zachary Royer Scholz.
Dying to own one of Pamela Barsky’s clutches that are oh so snarky.
See what Matt Jensen has to show for 31 Winter Walks.
Victoria Will captured Hollywood’s finest on tintypes are this year’s Sundance.
Blurry painted perfection from Miaz Brothers.
Beautifully modern and minimal pieces from Melissa Maya Pottery.
My experiences and favorites in the year of Alt 2014.
More cards I wouldn’t mind sending my imaginary significant other in Valentines – Part 2!
How is the month almost over?! See what happened in mine on Insta January.

This week you can also find me chatting about tips to update your modern entry way on Euro Style Lighting!


Insta January


2014 hasn’t wasted any time out of the starting gate, I’ve already been on two trips with a few more looming. I kicked off January with a bouquet of shocking pink posies, in fact they’re only just now dead on my mantle. On a trip home to Pittsburgh my Dad and I made our annual pilgrimage to the original Primanti’s in the Strip District. So good. I was gifted Winter Cocktails and proceeded to read it like a novel – can’t wait to try them all out! I spent over two hours at Chirps & Cheers one afternoon rolling around on the floor with this handsome furry fellow. I know it’s time to chop my hair when I’m wearing topknots 24/7, so I said sayonara to 6 inches. The day before flying out to Alt Summit I treated myself to a mani-pedi and some fun nail designs. My #365quotes project is still going full steam ahead on Instagram – I haven’t missed a day yet! I attended a fun nature themed party and slapped on these temporary fern tattoos for a little something extra. I can always count on Apartment34 for a fun photo opp! Stay Wild is such a great mantra, no matter what the degree it’s followed to. Snapped this creepy/fun pic with BareMinerals and couldn’t help but make it my new avatar across the board. And I was so happy to be reunited with this extra snuggly guy when I got home from Salt Lake City!


The Year of Alt 2014

Alt 2014-1-Design Crush

This was the year I attended and spoke at my fifth Alt Summit.


Alt 2014-2-Design Crush

This was the year I attended a sponsored dinner with the lovely Jamie of Furbish Studio at Cafe Niche. And had the coolest dessert of pink grapefruit in a spun sugar bowl.


Alt 2014-3-Design Crush

This was the year with keynotes by Garance Doré, Every Mother Counts, and Ben Silbermann of Pinterest. And met Christy Turlington, who is just as beautiful on the inside as out.


Alt 2014-4-Design Crush

This was the year I moderated and spoke on a panel about Blog Revenue with Mom 101, Say Yes, and Little Green Notebook. And learned more than I spoke about.


Alt 2014-5-Design Crush

This was the year that patterned pants, pixie haircuts and brightly colored hair, black and white outfits, baby bellies, booties and smoking loafers, braids, wide-brimmed hats, bright and bold flowers, more than 10 men in attendance, balloons everywhere, and tulle skirts were definitely trending.


Alt 2014-6-Design Crush

This was the year I discovered the Grand America‘s incredible lattes, and wondered why I’d missing out on them for the past four years. It was also the year that I only attended my own panel and spent the rest of the time making Alt work for me in the best possible way.


Alt 2014-7-Design Crush

This was the year that smoke machines were in.


Alt 2014-8-Design Crush

This was the year where my biggest disappointment was missing out on holding a fox, a skunk, and a parrot.


Alt 2014-9-Design Crush

This was the year that black, gold, triple thick edged, and extra special goodies trended in business cards. And where I gave out a round I’ve Gotta Design Crush sticker instead.

Emily Jeffords // Paper and Stitch // Erica Reitman // Fabric Paper Glue // Meg Conley // Approaching Joy // Sara Moore // Brewed Together // City of Industry //  Wander + Find // Moorea Seal // Elsie Marley


Alt 2014-10-Design Crush

Lay Baby Lay // Bree Johnson // Design Lotus // The Curtis Casa // Brickyard Buffalo


Alt 2014-11-Design Crush

A Thousand Threads // House of Lucky // Mer Mag // Practical Punch // Grandiflora // Merrick White // Lovely Indeed // Roundhouse Designs // Jen Loves Kev // Oh Happy Day // Melissa Hope


Alt 2014-12-Design Crush

Lulu the Baker // Pyxie // One Good Thing // The Paper Mama // Minnow + Co // Hank & Hunt // Inside Out & About // Frock Files // Melissa Esplin // Come + Take It


Alt 2014-14-Design Crush

This was the year we all dressed in green and partied beneath monstrous cutout paper flowers thanks to Cricut.


Alt 2014-13-Design Crush


Alt 2014-15-Design Crush

This was also the year we hopped between ELEVEN themed mini parties.


Alt 2014-16-Design Crush


Alt 2014-17-Design Crush


Alt 2014-18-Design Crush


Alt 2014-20-Design Crush


Alt 2014-21-Design Crush


Alt 2014-22-Design Crush

This was the year we maybe broke our photobooth record by hitting every. single. one.


Alt 2014-23-Design Crush


Alt 2014-24-Design Crush

Thanks for another amazing year, Alt!

All photos by Justin HackworthBrooke Dennis, and Kelly Beall.


Melissa Maya Pottery

Melissa Maya Pottery-1-Design Crush


Melissa Maya Pottery is all handmade in Denver, in the artist’s garage in fact! I love it when creators are completely transparent about their processes, don’t you? Maya’s work is perfect parts minimalist and modern, and I’m anxious to get my hands on a piece or two of my own.


Melissa Maya Pottery-2-Design Crush


Melissa Maya Pottery-3-Design Crush


Miaz Brothers

Miaz Brothers-1-Design Crush


I’m completely and utterly fascinated by these dreamy, blurry portraits by Miaz Brothers. Every painting looks nearly airbrushed perfect with the exception of a paint drip or two.


Miaz Brothers-2-Design Crush


Miaz Brothers-3-Design Crush


Victoria Will

2014 Sundance TIn Type Portraits - Bill Hader


While I was in Salt Lake City last week for Alt Summit, Sundance Film Festival was going on a short car ride away in Park City. And while it was going on photographer Victoria Will was shooting old-fashioned tintypes of some of Hollywood’s brightest stars. The end result is nothing short of beautiful.


2014 Sundance TIn Type Portraits - Elle Fanning


2014 Sundance TIn Type Portraits - Michael C. Hall

(via Esquire)


31 Winter Walks

31 Winter Walks-1-Design Crush


I love the idea of a group of objects representing a singular event or moment in time. Matt Jensen’s 31 Winter Walks is a collection of photographs, each one showing the physical result of the experience through groupings of sticks and ephemera found along the way of each excursion.


31 Winter Walks-2-Design Crush


31 Winter Walks-3-Design Crush


Zachary Royer Scholz

Zachary Royer Scholz-1-Design Crush


I used to save the security envelopes that showed up inside of credit card offers, but somewhere along the line I gave up on thinking I would ever be able to make anything from them. So they were tossed out – talk about regret. I’d like to think I would have eventually come up with something half as cool as these pieces by Zachary Royer Scholz.


Zachary Royer Scholz-2-Design Crush


Zachary Royer Scholz-3-Design Crush

(via Present&Correct)