SuperHeadz Demekin Fisheye 110 Camera.

One thing missing from my camera arsenal is a fisheye lens. I know, I can hardly believe it myself! The thing with a fisheye is that there aren’t a ton of reasons to own a super pricey one (unless you’re a pro of course) and that’s what so attractive about SuperHeadz Demekin Fisheye 110 Camera. At $38 and 2 X 2 X 2″ it’s tough to pass up.

Rule number 1: making everyday things extra small also makes them extra cute. Rule number 2: photos automatically look a thousand times better with a fisheye lens. Seriously. Take a picture of your bedroom wall with a fisheye lens and boom! Art. Combine a tiny 110 camera design with a capable fisheye lens and you’ve got this Fisheye camera from Demekin – the smallest camera around, and the first 110 camera with a fisheye lens. Images come out soft, dreamy and slightly antiqued. Includes a hole at the bottom for a tripod; 1/100 shutter speed; f/8.9 wide angle aperture; 1:13.5 lens. Imported. Wipe clean.


iPod Shuffle.

I love my little iPod Shuffle. It’s perfect for working out. But I’m digging the new slim and sleek design of this just released version even more than my cute, square clip-on guy. Especially the dark gray version.


Tropical Howie Laptop Sleeves.

It’s fair to say that my Tropical Howie laptop sleeve is the best I’ve ever owned – I’ve grown attached pretty quickly. It fits my MacBook Pro super snugly in between it’s neoprene layers and has the best opening – an L-shaped zip that’s great for easy access (ahem).

Limited availability always helps make things better, too, right? Well, Tropical Howie’s sleeves are limited to 750 per design (I have the Terry Toweling one).

The idea behind the brand is interesting, too – that your laptop houses your ideas and your inspiration and that those things should be expressed through something other than a boring black cover. Point taken.


Rotating Outlet.

Just as I was starting to write this post I realized I’ve developed a sort of fascination with electrical outlets. No, not in a “Wonder what will happen if I just stick this fork…” sort of way. More of a sick obsession with their functionality. My latest? This rotating outlet. Perfect for when you need to plug your hairdryer and cell charger (or anything else with two of those big ‘ol boxy plugs) into the same place at the same time.


Hang On Outlet.

Thanks to designer Paula Oh we can all rid ourselves of Power Vampires. You know, those appliances and whatnot that suck electricity even when you’re not actually using them. Her Hang On Outlet encourage you to unplug the little money suckers when not in use by incorporating a notch to hook the plug onto. Gotta love that smart design!

:: via geeksugar


Persida Lapsac.

I’m a bit of a bag whore. Lately I’ve been glued to my Timbuk2 because I can wrangle my MacBook, my lunch and whatever other “necessities” I need for the day into it. But it was love at first sight when I saw the Persida Lapsac yesterday. Not only is it stylish and design-y, but it has a built-in padded zipper pocket on the front for your laptop. And from the looks of it no one would ever guess that’s what you were packing. Genius.


Home Hero.

Everyone knows that you should have a fire extinguisher on hand in your home. I remember the generic red one in my childhood kitchen vividly – and not in a good way. It always stuck out like a sore thumb, sitting there in the corner next to the fridge waiting for some firery action.

Enter the Home Hero fire extinguisher. Intuitive engineering combines with innovative design to make it both an attractive product as well as easy to use. And in my book that means less likely to hide away in the back of a closet, which means easier to find should you actually need it in the case of a fire.


laptopwallet butterfingers.

I’m not especially thrilled with the laptop sleeve I have, but I didn’t have to shell out any cash for it (work took care of that) and it gets the job done. The laptopwallet butterfingers by Working Class Heroes might be something that I could get used to though. Constructed out of 3mm grey felt and Austrian leather, the laptopwallet is designed to give you easy access to your macbook while snuggly holding it in place with the utmost protection. In case you hadn’t noticed, the wrist-strap also makes it really east to carry (butterfingers). And it looks pretty hot, too.


Digital Beverages.

Who doesn’t want their own personal bartender? Didn’t think I’d see any hands in the air. I know I could use a drink or ten after the sort of week I’ve been having (whew).

Digital Beverages combines the awesomeness of the internet with a beverage dispensing system. There’s even an online recipe generator for creating your own concoctions. Yea! And it just looks so damn cool.


Apple Wireless Keyboard.

How sexy is the new Apple Wireless Keyboard? It’s been completely redesigned, inside and out and is ultra-thin. It also has new function keys for play/pause, fast-forward and rewind, Expose, and Dashboard. Bluetooth lets you use it anywhere within 30 feet of your Mac. The keyboard automatically powers down when you’re not using it and turns on as soon as you start typing. It also has an on/off switch for when you’re away from your computer for a long time.

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