Happy Weekend

PHOTO: Julie Pike

01. making some old school chevron friendship bracelets this weekend
02. Talk-o-meter is an app that shows just how much everyone is participating in a conversation
03. a great video explaining letterpress
04. make your own A-frame tent!
05. turn your power cords into wall art
06. rad reclaimed wood neckties
07. can’t stop thinking about these chocolate mousse + caramel tarts – YUM!


Happy {Memorial Day} Weekend

PHOTO: Amy Haslehurst

01.  can’t wait to try this hair product – I hate blowdrying my hair in the summer!
02.  a DIY Bloody Mary bar? yes, please.
03.  looking forward to Chelsea’s bi-monthly flower recipes
04.  great post about what art + creativity mean to evie s.
05.  I want to make hundreds of these fabric flowers
06.  this lady smells books all day, love that
07.  hoping to play some iphone hipster bingo this weekend, which will consist of my friends taking photos of one another
08. my favorite snowboards ever (yes, I know it’s May)
09. make your own pudding pops!
10. words banned by New York Magazine

Monday is Memorial Day in the States, so I’ll be taking the day off to do patriotic things like (unintentionally) fry myself to a crisp and (unintentionally) burn some hamburgers on the grill. See you Tuesday, lovahs.


Happy {Mother’s Day} Weekend

PHOTO: The Edge of Love, the vamoose


I’m calling it an early week so that I can head off and celebrate the marriage of two good friends. Have a superb weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there!


01.  is this the future of the paper bag?
02.  the rare film gift pack, for the camera lover in your life
03.  Adam Goldberg has a new band, The Goldberg Sisters
04.  A DIY update on the classic rope bracelet
05.  pretty, pretty, pretty illustrated maps
06.  a bazillion (okay, 30) desktop wallpapers for the month of May
07.  The Beastie Boys, Annotated
08.  love these candy colored pushpins
09.  ropes walls? yes!
10.  Jane has a new shop, Coterie


Pencil Shavings

Last week when my iphone case bit the big one I immediately thought of my friend, Rachel. More specifically, Rachel’s fabulous iphone cases that she designs for her shop, Pencil Shavings Paper. I’d been eyeing the bright, playful patterns since she first put them up for sale a few months ago. And now after one too many clumsy, ungraceful, Kelly moments I took action. It took no less than twenty minutes for me to settle on the curry striped hello! case. It showed up today with a little cleaning cloth and I immediately snapped it on – it’s attractive, fits snuggly on my phone, and seems to even be lighter than my previous case. Success!



Clockwise: me being all avant garde in my bathroom, beautiful vase of flowers from a friend’s bridal shower, my first blind embossing project, the latest incarnation of my personal business cards, my cat Roxy, my favorite flats, the perfect shade of poppy red (essie’s Lacquered Up), the light wall at Republic Gastropub, my embroidery floss collection


You already know all about Instagram, love it, and use it all the time right? Thought so. It happens to be my favorite iPhone app, well, ever. Snap a photo with your phone, choose a filter that makes you look like a way more talented photographer than you actually are, write a witty caption, and instantly share on Twitter, Facebook, or flickr. And it’s free. BOOM.


Ear Candy

Sound is an art, so I think it naturally matters what we’re listening to it through. You can pick up a portable stereo on the cheap, or you can invest in something a little more awesome that’s also going to be a great conversation piece. Something you’re likely to keep around for years and years to come that’s going to be a mainstay in your home. I live and breathe through my Bose SoundDock, but there are so many great options out there. What are you listening through?


Arkanary II


Jawbone JAMBOX


Magno Radio


Tivoli Platinum Series Model One Radio




Aria headphones
{via Design Milk}



I’ve been sort of reticent to accept USB storage AKA jump drives AKA flashcards. I just can’t get over the stack of ZIP disks I have in a drawer at home, along with the two totally useless drives. Of course what’s entombed on them is my student work from portfolio school, which I don’t anticipate needing anytime soon. I guess it’s just the idea of it. There’s always something new waiting in the wings, like the iPhone 5 mentality. Those thoughts aside, here are a few I wouldn’t mind toting around for a bit…

The Disposable: Flashkus


The Ninja: LaCie Galet


The Adorable: ZOO