Happy {Orthodox Christmas} Weekend

Big Ones, Small Ones by Kathy~

Like I mentioned yesterday morning, I’ll be heading to PA for the second time in less than a month tomorrow. This time it’s to celebrate Orthodox Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. And did I mention just how early my flight is? Before the sun comes up early. Before human beings are supposed to be awake early. So early that I will literally be in physical pain for the rest of the day. Early. But I adore this side of my family and am looking forward to drinking copious amounts of alcohol, sharing family stories and gossip, and being with people who make me feel loved.

Until I return to the blog next Monday, here are a few bits and pieces of awesome…
+ Vintage + Mugs + the Luck of the Draw = Order of Mug
+ Loving this Art on the Streets series
+ This New Year’s post is still resonating with me
+ Charley Harper’s beautiful illustrations come to life in this iPad app
+ Big brands made minimal
+ Oh, Fuuuuuudge! Yes, it’s really fudge.
+ A great series from The Lil Bee

Happy Week + Weekend!


Jessica Hische’s Dock Icons.

When it comes to my list of designer crushes Jessica Hische is tops. Of everything. While catching up on her blog recently I came across a set of dock icons she designed to trick out her new iMac. And because she really is that fantastic, they’re not only available for download but there’s also a little instructional video for those that need some help changing their icons out.

How to Change your Dock Icons from Jessica Hische on Vimeo.


Roberts Revival Radio.

The Roberts Revival Radio looks straight outta the ’50s, but is outfitted with LED display backlighting and is MP3 compatible. One of these perched upon the kitchen counter is sure to make you feel like a mega-Betty Crocker.


Blackbird 35mm TRL.

Over the past decade or so I’ve amassed quite the collection of cameras. Let’s see… there’s my trusty PowerShot that’s usually in my purse, the Rebel, my dad’s old Minolta, two other manual 35mm my aunt recently handed down to me, and a Polaroid among forgotten others. Several are missing from my collection, namely a Holga, a Diana and this beauty of a twin reflex lens, the Blackbird. (As a side note, I’d also be up for being photographed with the Blackbird! It’s a natural beauty.)


Happy Weekend.

+ Are your recipes organized? Bet these would help.

+ This Letterboard app alone makes me want an iPad

+ This free disguise kit made me giggle and click PRINT

+ I write like Stephen King

+ Contemplating this DIY frame shelf project

+ Because every summer cocktail needs a parasol

+ I love movie intros – have you seen The Pacific’s?

+ This insect hotel is nicer than places I’ve actually spent the night

+ I’ve been wanting to make jam all summer (just to be able to say I’ve made jam of course) and think these canning party invitations might be in order

+ The Periodic Table of Swearing

+ Serious Post-It art

+ The ability to customize chocolate bars? Yes, please!

Happy Weekend!