Happy {Spring} Weekend.

Spring officially makes its debut this weekend! Today we’re experiencing 70º weather, but tomorrow is promising somewhere between 6 and 14 inches of snow and a high of 39º. File that under Things That Make You Go Hmm. I plan on visiting a good dive bar tonight with some friends, then pending the snowstorm possibly hitting up a roller derby bout tomorrow among other things. Happy Weekend!

+ t.ruffles is now taking on custom projects

+ if you’re making a move to the world of freelance this just might help you out

+ the best Smokey the Bear posters

+ my friend is making this S’mores Pie with Guiness next week for a belated St. Patrick’s Day dinner

+ loving these childrens books from Paul and Ann Rand

+ infatuated with these early keyboard interface concepts

+ a fun paper doll for the grown-ups

+ finally saw Alice in Wonderland last night and am digging these inspired fashion finds



If you’re like me, your Moleskine notebooks go through a lot. They get stained, bent up and otherwise disfigured. Enter the Molecover. Use it again and again for your notebook protection needs while retaining its original integrity. {via Design Milk}



As an admitted bibliophile and graphic designer attached at the hip to my MacBook, Twelve South’s Bookbook couldn’t be more up my alley. The inside is velvety soft, while the outside is a set of rigid hardback leather covers that sandwiches your MacBook inside for protection. The Bookbook looks good, functions well and is the perfect disguise should need be. Love it.


Threadless + Griffin iPhone Cases.

Everyone’s favorite community-based shop, Threadless, has teamed up with the innovative technology of Griffin to introduce a new line of iPhone cases. The first two designs in the series are Birds of a Feather and Clouds Within the Thunder. The super-slim, super-smooth case snaps on to your iPhone to provide 1mm of heavy duty, completely unboring protection. New designs will be added periodically and who knows, yours could be next, just ask Ross Zietz or Joe Van Wetering.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned products were provided to me, free of charge, for review. I do not review or endorse anything that I would not purchase myself.


Happy Weekend.


Have you been having an amazing first week of fall? I have. Here in Oklahoma we’re experiencing a lot of below average temperatures and I’m soaking up every moment! Not only did I break out the Halloween decorations (fine, that was last week), but some long sleeves, too. Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this week’s Mad Props!

Download these pom pom printables for your next girl’s night in

I very badly want to throw a backyard fall soiree

Repurpose chip containers to make this rad organizer

No one’s perfect, not even cake decorators

I’d use this menu wheel for a dinner party

Soak up Mankind Mag’s last issue

Feather Report now jumps cities and has an app for your phone

How to spend Under $100: in the garden

Check out the Where the Wild Things Are pop-up shop

Head over heels for these velvet pumpkins

Make your own Starbucks-esque Pumpkin Spice Latte

Beautiful science-themed weddings

Make your own (healthier) fast food

Old-school Halloween party save-the-date printable

Fun + bright Cirque du Bebe shower suite to download

**NOTE: Don’t forget, you have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the Rachel Pfeffer giveaway to win her delicious honeycomb necklace!


Sony Webbie HD Camera.

My boss, Jeff, surprised all of us this morning with Sony Webbie HD Cameras! We’d been talking about flip cams for months around the office and he decided to get us each our own as a thank you for all of our work.

I’m pumped to figure out how the little guy works and to put him into action in as many ways as possible. And of course that will include video making its way over to Design Crush as well. Any ideas on how you’d like to see video put into action around here?


Velvet Media Bags.

This set of four drawstring velvet media bags are perfect for traveling. They house your cell, camera and mp3 player as well as all the obligatory charging cords. I like how the velvet paired with the pretty colors gives your techie gadgets a softer edge.