Make It: Hardware Store Jewelry



Last week I took a trip to the hardware store to pick up some spray paint to give new life to my filing cabinet and happened to walk down the fasteners aisle. Where inspiration smacked me in the forehead. So many shapes, weights, and options just waiting to be gussied up and turned into something beautiful. When I came home and sat down to start creating the other piece of the puzzle seemed to be waiting in my bathroom (stay with me here) – in the form of nail polish. I have bottle upon bottle of every color in the rainbow, have never finished one in my life, and love the lacquered finish. Here’s what I ended up with.




These Hex Nut Rings were the first piece I came up with. They’re chunky for sure, but quite the statement. I love the metal finish sans any sort of color, but decided to play around with some different combinations – just painting the edges a dark navy blue, painting half fuchsia half purple, etc. These would also be fantastic strung on a chain and worn around your neck!




These Washer Brooches may be my favorite piece, I plan on clustering several different sizes together to wear at one time. Some monotone and probably one patterned. Pro Tip: While painting such a broad flat surface is to dab the nail polish rather than brush it on. Don’t be afraid to load it up with paint either, it ends up leaving a great enameled finish.




I love these Washer Hoop Earrings! I painted them with a gold flecked black polish and can’t wait to wear them out. Pro Tip: Be sure to paint the edges and backs of these guys as well as the surface. I think with the next pair I’ll do a contrasting color on the backside. Don’t be intimidated, they’re surprisingly light to wear!




I couldn’t resist doing a small pair of Washer Stud Earrings as well.




Lastly I created a large Washer Pendant, though I’m not thrilled with the black cord. I’d rather have used something like a beaded silver chain and hope to find some to replace this with. But I really like the pendant itself, especially with the swoosh of purple on navy. You could also use a smaller washer here for something more delicate of course.


• 3/4″ hex nuts (or whatever size best fits your finger)
• large washers
• small washers
• earring backings
• pins
• cord or chain
• Gorilla Glue (hot glue didn’t hold all that well)
• varied colors of nail polish






I love a shop with a good backstory, and Lydali has just that, a pair of kindred spirits – Lydia Harter and Ali Price – met in college and years later joined together to form a company. Lydali purveys beautiful one-of-a-kind quality goods from the world over. Proud Mary from Guatemala, Mikuti from Tanzania, and  Nkuku from Delhi are only a few of the varied and talented producers from 21 countries that they’ve partnered with to create their collection. The Hard Angle Bangles, Black Fulani Tote, Willow Striped Alpaca Throw, and Mango Wood Bowl are my favorites but you’re sure to find your own treasures!


Miir Tumbler

The Tumbler-1-Design Crush

Check out the Miir Tumbler, a simple 12 oz. double-walled coffee/tea cup. But it’s so much more than that, each one provides a person in need with clean drinking water for an entire year and comes with a tracking bracelet that’s engraved with an identification number. Your personal ID number can be entered into the MiiR tracking system allowing you to see what project you helped fund, complete with interactive maps, photos, and testimonials from the water project site. The Miir Tumbler is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo right now if you’d like to become a supporter!

The Tumbler-2-Design Crush

The Tumbler-3-Design Crush


Last Minute Printable Valentines


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Valentine’s Day Card // Geometric Heart Boxes // Valentine’s Matchbox



Modern Valentine’s Day Greetings // Grade School Valentines // Hand Drawn Valentine Postcards



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Valentine’s Tags // Be Mine Printable Tags // Monster Puppet Valentines




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Harvest Textiles

Harvest Textiles-1-Design Crush


There’s a lot of good going on behind the scenes of Harvest Textiles, beyond the bright punchy patterns that I’m crazy about. The company is run by four women out of Melbourne, Australia and was founded on quality handmade textiles, the joy of learning, community, and sustainability. Organic, recycled or locally produced fabrics are used when possible and nothing is mass produced. Besides the online shop Harvest Textiles also conducts workshops and has a brick and mortar shop, Harvest Workroom. Oh, and they were only founded in 2010. WOW. (via Fellow Fellow)


Harvest Textiles-2-Design Crush

Harvest Textiles-3-Design Crush


Download: A Valentine

Valentine13-1-Design Crush

A few years ago I made this same valentine as a paper craft card for friends and family, and it showed up in some mailboxes sans eyeballs (they’d fallen off!). The other day I decided to recreate it as an eyeball-safe card to share with you and your valentines! The PDF download below includes two folding cards to print on 8.5 x 11″ paper (letter size). It’s for personal use only, but you smart cookies already knew that!




Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ Would you wear these Subway Map Printed Tights??
02/ Have you seen Disney’s animated short Paperman yet? So sweet.
03/ I have the perfect cocktail for all of you on Blizzard Watch – hot chocolate with red wine!
04/ Genius proportional counting blocks for children.
05/ Hot tub boats exist, NBD.
06/ As do dollhouse coffee tables.
07/ Incredible giant pinecones made of shovel blades.
08/ Vaportini, a vaporizer for inhaling alcohol.
09/ Plastic plaids!
10/ Only the best commitment ring ever.

Sidenote: After some confusion in the Reader Survey I just wanted to point out that the images above are linked, as well as the numbered descriptions. No need to scroll up and down. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!