5 Favorite Food Blogs of the Moment


Always with Butter is food, photos, recipes, and life written by Julie Marie Craig. She doesn’t post terribly often, but when she does trust me that it’s oh so worth your time.

Recent Favorites: Butter Mochi, Lemon Posset, Strawberry Icebox Cake




Joy the Baker has been one of my favorite food blogs for years, not just the moment. If you’re not already familiar, she’s a self-taught baker who’s all too relatable in her writing and all too drool-inducing in the recipes she creates.

Recent Favorites: Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burritos, Summer Water, Roasted Strawberry Shortcakes with Basil Cream



Kitchen Konfidence is another site that’s been a quiet and steady source of cooking inspiration. Brandon creates some the most epic cocktails, desserts, and so much more.

Recent Favorites: Orange Crush Cocktail, Broiled Zucchini with Bacon Breadcrumbs, Meyer Lemon Polenta Cake



Love & Lemons is run by couple Jeanine and Jack, and it’s a great site full of mainly vegetarian recipes.  Everything is bright and seasonal – perfect if you’re trying to eat healthy or just enjoy the harvest.

Recent Favorites: Sara’s Strawberry Tabbouleh, Avocado, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Strawberry Pistachio Crumble



Tartelette was very likely one of the first food blogs I started following years and years ago. Former pastry chef Helene Dujardin perfectly captures her beautifully seasonal recipes – many gluten-free – in words and photos.

Recent Favorites: Coconut Yogurt & Passion Fruit Tartlets, Brussels Sprout Salad with Hot Smoked Salmon & Cherries, Rhubarb Tart with Cashew Frangipane



Amy Judd

Amy Judd-1-Design Crush


Whimsical, surreal, mythological. These three themes lie just beneath the surface of Amy Judd‘s body of work, each painting delving into the relationship between woman and nature. The lighting pulling you right into tales of folklore, the birds used as armor and familiars.


Amy Judd-2-Design Crush

Amy Judd-3-Design Crush

Amy Judd-4-Design Crush

Amy Judd-5-Design Crush

Amy Judd-6-Design Crush

Amy Judd-7-Design Crush


Pasta Salad 12 Ways

A picnic menu staple for decades, yup it’s pasta salad. But not the unappetizing kind covered in gobs of mayonnaise that makes you nervous whether it’s been out in the sun for too long. No sir, these twelve are the creative kind that will have everyone asking for the recipe.














Click on each image to go to the recipe.
All photos copyright of their respective sites unless otherwise noted.


Andrea Shaw

Andrea Shaw-1-Design Crush


Multi-talented creative Andrea Shaw successfully ran a small business before dropping it all to follow a newfound passion – painting. Most of her pieces are pattern-based, influenced by maps and the Australian landscape and brought to life through gouache, acrylic, cut paper, pencil, spray paint, watercolor, wood, and glue.


Andrea Shaw-2-Design Crush

Andrea Shaw-3-Design Crush

Andrea Shaw-4-Design Crush

Andrea Shaw-5-Design Crush


Sherry Knutson

Sherry Knutson-1-Design Crush


Despite my best efforts not to, I somehow managed to get a sunburn this past weekend. (Whomp, whomp.) Clothing is irritating my skin like no other, so it’s been a lot of tank tops and workout shorts. Though I suspect the pieces in these pretty oils painted by Sherry Knutson would be much more comfortable!


Sherry Knutson-2-Design Crush

Sherry Knutson-3-Design Crush

Sherry Knutson-4-Design Crush

Sherry Knutson-5-Design Crush


Building Block

Building Block-1-Design Crush


Crushing on these beautiful structural bags by Building Block. The LA-based brand was created in 2011 with the intent of clearing away conventional standards of luxury by magnifying what is essential and editing out excess. I’d say they’ve stayed true to their mission and love what that means for the rest of us.


Building Block-2-Design Crush

Building Block-3-Design Crush

Building Block-4-Design Crush

Building Block-5-Design Crush

Building Block-6-Design Crush

Building Block-7-Design Crush


Allison Kunath

Allison Kunath-1-Design Crush


A mixed bag of illustration projects from Venice, California-based Allison Kunath. The thing they all have in common? An underlying theme of connectivity, each one exploring different aspects of the word, such as connection to self, connection to others, and connection to nature.


Allison Kunath-2-Design Crush

Allison Kunath-3-Design Crush

Allison Kunath-4-Design Crush

Allison Kunath-5-Design Crush

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


Zin Helena Song

Zin Helena Song-1-Design Crush


These bold, graphic pieces by Zin Helena Song just about jump off the wall at you. Well, at least they appear to even though they’re actually paintings on wood. The illusion of 3D is strong with this one.


Zin Helena Song-2-Design Crush

Zin Helena Song-3-Design Crush

Zin Helena Song-4-Design Crush

Zin Helena Song-5-Design Crush

Zin Helena Song-6-Design Crush