Gather Vases

Gather Vases-1-Design Crush


One way I make fresh flowers and greenery last longer is by deconstructing an arrangement as it starts to wither. By pulling pieces that are still in their prime, trimming up the stems, and discarding the rest a bouquet can hang around for a few weeks. This collection of Gather Vases would be just right for turning what’s old in something new again.


Gather Vases-2-Design Crush

Gather Vases-3-Design Crush

Gather Vases-4-Design Crush

Gather Vases-5-Design Crush

Gather Vases-6-Design Crush


Misato Suzuki

Misato Suzuki-1-Design Crush


Misato Suzuki was born in Japan and now resides in southern California. I think you can see elements of inspiration from both in each painting, whether it be the repetition of elements or the vibrant colors used.


Misato Suzuki-2-Design Crush

Misato Suzuki-3-Design Crush

Misato Suzuki-4-Design Crush

Misato Suzuki-5-Design Crush



Atelier 2+-1-Design Crush


I first came upon Atelier2+ by way of their Greenhouse for Design Stockholm. Of course the beauty of the piece made me dig deeper, and it was then I discovered the Bangkok-based studio is so much more – forms of creativity ranging from architecture to art and craft and design. Atelier2+ also creates brilliant collaborations with other design studios across the world. Looking forward to what comes next!


Atelier 2+-2-Design Crush

Atelier 2+-3-Design Crush

Atelier 2+-4-Design Crush

Atelier 2+-5-Design Crush


Eleanor McCaughey

Eleanor McCaughey-1-Design Crush


The Americana-style oil paintings of Irish(!) painter Eleanor McCaughey are like flipping through the pages of a family’s photo album. Each one is posed like a photograph, waiting for the click of the shutter.


Eleanor McCaughey-2-Design Crush

Eleanor McCaughey-3-Design Crush

Eleanor McCaughey-4-Design Crush

Eleanor McCaughey-5-Design Crush