Aura Home-1-Design Crush


More good things coming to us by way of Australia, this time in the form of AURA by Tracie Ellis. High quality homewares inspired by years of global meandering, my favorites of which are the stoneware ceramics for the kitchen. With plenty of brights and pastels to choose from they’ll mix seamlessly with whatever you’ve already got going on in your cabinets.


Aura Home-2-Design Crush

Aura Home-3-Design Crush

Aura Home-4-Design Crush

Aura Home-5-Design Crush

Aura Home-6-Design Crush


Abbey Lossing

Abbey Lossing-1-Design Crush


Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer Abbey Lossing has such a fun style, I love it. A lot of her work comes from her day job over at BuzzFeed, but her best advice to artists trying to get out there is to “make lots of art and put it on the internet” and I have to agree. Pick up one of Abbey’s prints in her shop!


Abbey Lossing-2-Design Crush

Abbey Lossing-3-Design Crush

Abbey Lossing-4-Design Crush

Abbey Lossing-5-Design Crush

Abbey Lossing-6-Design Crush


Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin-1-Design Crush


New Hampshire-based artist Michelle Morin creates the most beautiful watercolors inspired by imaginary worlds and narratives within nature. I especially like the way she so expertly layers the various elements and ends up with such harmonious looking works. As lovely as the real thing.


Michelle Morin-2-Design Crush

Michelle Morin-3-Design Crush

Michelle Morin-4-Design Crush

Michelle Morin-5-Design Crush

Michelle Morin-6-Design Crush


Sage and Clare

Sage and Clare-1-Design Crush


Sage and Clare is my kind of boho – global treasures that are handmade, soulful, and eclectic. Husband and wife duo Chris and Phoebe’s passion for color, texture, and objects with heart comes through with every piece. Serious about ethical practices, they spend months every year working side by side with weavers, block printers, and screen printers to bring Sage and Clare designs to life.


Sage and Clare-2-Design Crush

Sage and Clare-3-Design Crush

Sage and Clare-4-Design Crush

Sage and Clare-5-Design Crush

Sage and Clare-6-Design Crush

Estella Chainstitch Cushion // Sakara Handwoven Bedspread // Friday Moroccan Tea Cup // Bowie Fringe Throw Over // Shashi Vintage Platter // Dreamy Fabric Garland


Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes-1-Design Crush


Carly Foulkes wears a few different artistic hats, and well, but my favorite is her dreamy collage work. Interestingly enough she never glues her work down, allowing herself to reuse pieces again and again. It all seems to fit together with a philosophy of constant change and evolution, just like in Carly’s work. Swing by her shop to scoop up a piece for yourself.


Carly Foulkes-2-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-3-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-4-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-5-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-6-Design Crush

Carly Foulkes-7-Design Crush


Alphabeta Pendant Lamp

Alphabeta Pendant Lamp-1-Design Crush


The Alphabeta pendant lamp is a structural showstopper consisting of twenty-four different interchangeable spun-steel shades in eight different shapes – including various shaped bowls, cones, and tubes. It’s the world’s first digitally customizable pendant lamp with more than 10 billion possible combinations. When Alphabeta is displayed in groups it is likened to the letters of the alphabet forming words.


Alphabeta Pendant Lamp-2-Design Crush

Alphabeta Pendant Lamp-3-Design Crush

Alphabeta Pendant Lamp-4-Design Crush


Mária Švarbová

Mária Švarbová-1-Design Crush


I’m often fooled into thinking a painting is a photo, but rarely the other way around. As much as I’ve seen of Mária Švarbová‘s pool-centric work lately, I never realized they were photographs rather than pigment on canvas until reading it on her site. Mária’s overexposed Swimm and Swimming Pool series feel downright unreal and otherworldly.


Mária Švarbová-2-Design Crush

Mária Švarbová-3-Design Crush

Mária Švarbová-4-Design Crush

Mária Švarbová-5-Design Crush


Let’s Talk Shelves

Kelly Beall-1-Design Crush


I despise the term shelfie, but I do love a well-styled set of shelves. I have three in my home that serve as both organizational epicenters and focal points. The built-in in my dining room (above) corrals favorite serving pieces and barware, along with a few other things like candleholders and glove molds. (Trays, party decor, and other odds and ends live in the cupboard underneath.) The freestanding set on wheels that resides in the kitchen holds most of my cookbooks, a collection of vases, and stacks of white dinnerware and glasses that I pull out for entertaining. And lastly, the shelves in my living room show off most of my books. (I want to get away from the organization by color, but haven’t been able to let go just yet!)

What’s your stance on shelves? Do you like them stacked full or sparse?


Kelly Beall-3-Design Crush

Kelly Beall-2-Design Crush

Michele Anderson via Apt 34-Design Crush
Michele Andersen via Apartment 34

So leb ich-Design Crush
So leb ich

Eve Wilson via The Design Files-Design Crush
Eve Wilson via The Design Files

coco+kelley-Design Crush

Bart Kiggen via The Spaces-Design Crush
Bart Kiggen via The Spaces

Emily Henderson-Design Crush
Emily Henderson

Amber Interiors-Design Crush
Amber Interiors


Kim Cogan

Kim Cogan-1-Design Crush


Kim Cogan‘s moody paintings, the captured moments of clustered architecture to be specific, feel oddly comforting. Can’t you just imagine being curled up behind one of those windows with a book and a mug of tea, or maybe your significant other and some wine?


Kim Cogan-2-Design Crush

Kim Cogan-3-Design Crush

Kim Cogan-4-Design Crush

Kim Cogan-5-Design Crush

Kim Cogan-6-Design Crush