Leslie Weaver

Leslie Weaver-1-Design Crush


Vibrant color, pattern, texture, fashion, design, quirky composition, and global culture all play roles in artist Leslie Weaver‘s beautiful female faces. Their personalities run the gamut from polished professional all the way to punk rocker. Check out Leslie’s shop to make one your own!


Leslie Weaver-2-Design Crush

Leslie Weaver-3-Design Crush

Leslie Weaver-4-Design Crush

Leslie Weaver-5-Design Crush

Leslie Weaver-6-Design Crush


Anna King

Anna King-1-Design Crush


Anna King works in oils on paper pasted onto board, drawing into the wet paint with a pencil to create a deconstructed, sketch-like finished piece. Her desolate landscapes and buildings jive so nicely with the end result.

My work explores the margins of landscape – overlooked, peripheral places – abandoned buildings, wastelands, plantations and quarries. These structures are marks we’ve made on the world, and now time passes without human intervention – paint peels, grass grows through cracks in concrete and the temporary nature of our own existence is brought into sharper focus.


Anna King-2-Design Crush

Anna King-3-Design Crush

Anna King-4-Design Crush

Anna King-5-Design Crush

Anna King-6-Design Crush


Jesse Moretti

Jesse Moretti-1-Design Crush


Jesse Moretti‘s artwork bounces between a bevy of ideas, dimensionality, and materials. She often uses acrylic, paint, and wood together making her style a bit ambiguous at times. But it’s all in the name of creativity and no one can say the end result is anything but bright and fun.

I create surfaces that flutter between the flat and dimensional. Utilizing collage, design, and op-art perceptual techniques, they exist in a liminal state, an active position between flatness and dimensionality, the real and imagined. The forms reference architecture, landscape, design  and myth, reimagining them to become something other.


Jesse Moretti-2-Design Crush

Jesse Moretti-3-Design Crush

Jesse Moretti-4-Design Crush

Jesse Moretti-5-Design Crush


Bekka Palmer

Bekka Palmer-1-Design Crush


I especially love when an artist gravitates towards one medium or material and runs with it in every possible direction. Case in point, Bekka Palmer‘s hand-sewn rope necklaces and embroidered film series.  Her necklaces are just about perfect for your summer wardrobe while the embroidered film is part of a larger project – 100 Days of Thread and Film.


Bekka Palmer-2-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-3-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-4-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-5-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-6-Design Crush


Xuan loc Xuan

Xuan loc Xuan-1-Design Crush


Xuan loc Xuan is a freelance illustrator based out of Ho Chi Min City. I’m a fan of his style, in particular this series of portraits created from a mix of digital art, illustration, and painting. Be sure and check out his entire portfolio – it’s lovely in its entirety.


Xuan loc Xuan-2-Design Crush

Xuan loc Xuan-3-Design Crush

Xuan loc Xuan-4-Design Crush

Xuan loc Xuan-5-Design Crush


Kueng Caputo

Kueng Caputo-1-Design Crush


Kueng Caputo is a collaborative art effort between two design school friends, and each consecutive collection seems better than the last. My favorite is Never Too Much, a series of benches, stools, bowls, and lights made from leather and enamel that have been splattered with organic vegetable stains in to create a chromatic effect. Just looking at them I can feel joy rising up within myself!


Kueng Caputo-2-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-3-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-4-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-5-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-6-Design Crush

Kueng Caputo-7-Design Crush


Dorris Vooijs

Dorris Vooijs-1-Design Crush


The layered mixed media works of Dorris Vooijs are a study in what beauty can come from the combination of traditional and digital techniques. Collected vintage pictures, digital sketches, markers, spray paint, embroidery, and ink all play their roles as Dorris turns it all into something that matches her current state of mind.


Dorris Vooijs-2-Design Crush

Dorris Vooijs-3-Design Crush

Dorris Vooijs-4-Design Crush

Dorris Vooijs-5-Design Crush

Dorris Vooijs-6-Design Crush


Maya Freelon Asante

Maya Freelon Asante-1-Design Crush


Bold color choices and the manipulation of tissue paper is what it all comes down to for Maya Freelon Asante. Shades blur into one another, showing themselves to be both vulnerable and powerful all at the same time as each of her works throw themselves into the three dimensional world.


Maya Freelon Asante-2-Design Crush

Maya Freelon Asante-4-Design Crush

Maya Freelon Asante-5-Design Crush

Maya Freelon Asante-6-Design Crush