Erik Jones



There are elements of Lisa Frank and everything else shiny, happy, and good in the mixed media art of Erik Jones. Ten-year-old me would have loved and appreciated these chaotic works that use watercolor, acrylic, colored pencils, wax pastels, and oil paint as much as 36-year-old me does.







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Ernesto Artillo



Ernesto Artillo is an artist, photographer, and art director based in Madrid, Spain who often collaborates with fashion brands. You can see that influence coming through in his work, right? A true meshing of the art and editorial fashion worlds.








Nick Peña

Nick Peña-1-Design Crush


Memphis-based Nick Peña balances being a visual artist with also being an associate professor. I think that’s really the key to being highly creative – doing something outside of your passion that feeds right back into it. The mixed media results speak for themselves through Nick’s explorations of time, style, surroundings, and stability.


Nick Peña-2-Design Crush

Nick Peña-3-Design Crush

Nick Peña-4-Design Crush

Nick Peña-5-Design Crush

Nick Peña-6-Design Crush

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Craig Ward / In Loving Memory of Colour

Craig Ward-1-Design Crush


Craig Ward is an artist with an admitted fear of color. Most of his works lean towards black and white because, technically speaking, we trust them more and are able to focus on the composition without any added information that might distract. But Ward has decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak by undertaking a series of experiments – In Loving Memory of Colour – where every medium is fair game.


Craig Ward-2-Design Crush

Craig Ward-3-Design Crush

Craig Ward-4-Design Crush

Craig Ward-5-Design Crush


Dániel Taylor

Dániel Taylor-1-Design Crush


Budapest-based artist Dániel Taylor doesn’t shy away from experimenting with plenty of styles and mediums in his work. He does however stay true to what inspires him the majority of the time – the female form, nature, and the ethereal. Whether it’s through collage, double exposure, or silhouetting, Taylor captures beauty. Check out his Society6 shop to own some of Daniel’s art, including this series that’s my favorite.


Dániel Taylor-2-Design Crush

Dániel Taylor-3-Design Crush


Peta Clancy

Peta Clancy-1-Design Crush


Peta Clancy‘s mixed media series is completely fascinating. She explores themes of impermanence, transience, temporality, mutability, and the limits of the human body through piercing, crumpling, creasing, and wax embedding.


Peta Clancy-2-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-3-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-4-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-5-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-6-Design Crush


Laura Jane Scott

Laura Jane Scott-1-Design Crush


I’m loving the experimental art of southeast London-based Laura Jane Scott. In her pieces you’ll find an investigation of form, balance, and space. All of the shapes used in her work are derived from a four by four square grid, each piece an exploration of the combinations and compositions that can be created within self-imposed parameters.


Laura Jane Scott-2-Design Crush

Laura Jane Scott-3-Design Crush

Laura Jane Scott-4-Design Crush

Laura Jane Scott-5-Design Crush

Laura Jane Scott-6-Design Crush


Conrad Crispin Jones

Conrad Crispin Jones-1-Design Crush


Conrad Crispin Jones has a portfolio as diverse as his name is fancy, that is to say very. Among the watercolors, slices of life, and other styles, Conrad’s collage work is my favorite. Using clippings of newspapers and magazines as a themed background, he then paints portraits of models and the like over top. The super saturated colors all but pop off of the page and feel electric!


Conrad Crispin Jones-2-Design Crush

Conrad Crispin Jones-3-Design Crush

Conrad Crispin Jones-4-Design Crush

Conrad Crispin Jones-5-Design Crush

Conrad Crispin Jones-6-Design Crush


Rose Wong

Rose Wong-1-Design Crush


Brooklyn-based illustrator Rose Wong‘s speciality is plant life, and I must say that admiring each piece lowers my blood pressure significantly. I love the way each simply shaped leaf takes life with the cool hued acrylics Rose paints onto each one, making the white space pop all the more.


Rose Wong-2-Design Crush

Rose Wong-3-Design Crush

Rose Wong-4-Design Crush

Rose Wong-5-Design Crush

Rose Wong-6-Design Crush

Rose Wong-7-Design Crush


William Betts

William Betts-1-Design Crush


William Betts may have just been added to my Imaginary Dinner Party list, if for no other reason than I’d love to talk about process with him. His visually impactful pieces are essentially layered color spectrums, and because no human could apply paint as precisely as needed William created a machine to do it. Now that’s a brain I’d like to pick.


William Betts-2-Design Crush

William Betts-3-Design Crush

William Betts-4-Design Crush

William Betts-5-Design Crush

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