Story By Mia.

Story By Mia is an Etsy shop that I discovered yesterday and instantly loved. Mia’s paper goods are clean and use amazing color palettes. Everything just feels really fresh. All cards and stationary are designed by the lady herself and if you spend $20 shipping is free. If that’s not incentive then I don’t know what is…


Round Up: Valentines.

Valentine’s Day is two weeks from today and I’ve held off on this Round Up because new valentines keep popping up every day! So without further ado – or babble – here are my favorite valentines of 2008. (I tend to lean more towards the quirky/funny side with these cards because that’s just where my personality falls in regards to this holiday.)

16 Sparrows Valentine Cards
Together, we make a pretty badass robot.
Take those damn pants off!!

Aran Made letterpress Valentine’s Day cards
i’m trying…
i really like your pheromones
run away with me…

Bella Muse Valentine’s Day cards
I want to have text with you.
Happy Valentine’s Day you saucy little tart.

Ella Studio Valentine Expressions Cards
I Fucking Love You.
Fucking Be Mine.

Earmark Invitations Let’s Fork

Orange Beautiful’s LOVE cards

Pressa Russa’s letterpress V14 cards and envelopes

Melissa Kate’s Olive You linocut card set

Tina Seamonster’s Zombie Plague Gocco Valentines Day Card

Turtle Papers’ Giraffes in Love note card set


Scotia Made Valentines.

Valentine’s Day is exactly one month from yesterday. Although I’m a firm believer in it being a full-on Hallmark holiday, I love the sentiment and ritual of giving out valentines. Remember decorating shoeboxes or paper bags as drop boxes in elementary school? So, so much fun if you were the Artsy Kid like I was.

I still give out valentines every year and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. But who says they have to be all saccharine-sweet? Check out these ridiculously hilarious valentines from etsy shop Scotia Made. I hate the phrase, but they literally had me laughing out loud when I first saw them.


Gentlemen’s Jotters.

I’m in love with the design of these Gentlemen’s Jotters from Russell + Hazel. The front left side has numbers and months so you can circle the date. Form, I’d like to introduce you to Function. I think you’ll get along really well together.


HD in 3D.

HD is Hester Designs, the design shop where I work. And 3D is our holiday card this year which extends to a specially designed 3D web site. No worries, if you don’t own 3D glasses you can request a pair from the site and we’ll send them your way. Cheers!


Round Up: Christmas Cards.

I’m pumped because even though we’ve been in the throws of an ice storm for more than 24 hours my holiday cards are sitting the mailbox awaiting pick-up. Woohoo! There were so many beautiful designs out this season that I wanted to share some of my favorites.


paper + cup Photo Cards.

I’m not a big fan of photo cards. I’m firmly against them.

I’m happy to say paper + cup finally got it right for their holiday photo cards. I adore the modern take on something that become very generic and clip-arty. I would happily use any one of their designs, but these are my very favorites. They didn’t stop there though, oh no. You can also customize your photo card as a flat thank you cards and mailing labels. Nice.

PS: Thanks to everyone who left a comment about my useless-ness! Much appreciated. And needed!