imogene is a lovely little online shop out of Baltimore run by Annie, Steve and Joey their pitbull. the coolest thing is that they deal directly with imogene’s featured designers, maintain their own site and ship everything to you themselves. it’s literally a two-and-a-half man studio. Definitely stpo by and check out the goods. I especially dig their paper selection and jewelry.


Brunette on Blonde.

Okay, okay. I know it’s only mid-October but I have a bit of a Christmas card addiction that I can’t seem to kick. I’m loving these sweet, minimal designs by Angie Gubler and Kristin Rees of Blonde Designs. Both served stints as senior art directors for Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings, respectively. The simplistic, clean style that’s evident in both magazines has clearly been an influence in the design of Blonde Design’s Christmas cards as well as the rest of their design lines.

My favorite of Blonde Design’s everyday designs is their modern flowers theme. So pretty, so clean, so completely my style.


Eco-Friendly Wooden Cards.

Well, technically postcards. These eco-friendly wooden cards from Night Owl Paper Goods are beautiful and such a novel idea. The postcards are a product of sustainable-yield forest management. The wood is cut thin and very little power and no water are used in the process. According to Night Owl, the wood grain varies from card to card, creating something that’s one of kind for every print. The earthy colors used add to the eco-friendly feel very nicely. I’d love to come home to one of these waiting for me in the mailbox.

Besides their awesome wooden cards, they’ve got a nicely-designed site working for them. Love the little owls in the logo!


Letter Pressed.

Love these minimal, type-only cards from Letter Pressed. I found it interesting that the owner used to work in desktop publishing – maybe the reason for the word heavy design?


Vera June.

Yet another great Etsy find. Vera June (not the designer’s real name) studied at the Art Academy in San Francisco first as a Photography major, then after one visit to the Fine Art building was hooked on Graphic Design and changed her major. Very cool. I love people who go after what they want. No regrets, right?

Besides creating and selling her wares on Etsy, she also will create a web banner for you for only $14.99 – a great deal for all of those who aren’t design-program savvy.



Here are some cute things from Seraph stationary in Utah. Their site is being updated, so there’s not tons of information but enough. I especially love the Word card and Drink Me glass. Enjoy!



Essimar (at Etsy) had some of the most adorable “mini” cards – the Pink Citrus Mini Card set to be exact. Two mini cards (2.5 x 4″) and two mini envelopes for $6.50. All silk-screened and printed by hand. Reminds me of summery goodness!

I’m also really into the Tea Chat cards. Get a set of four in peach, lilac, pink and white with matching envelopes for $12.


Presslings by Megan Creates.

The newest card in the “Presslings by Megan creates…” card line. A fun simple card that could work for any occasion. These hand screenprinted cards feature a drawing (by Megan) of an antique phone with the cord spelling out hello. The background pattern is a metallic/pearly Robin’s egg blue/Tiffany-like blue. With coordinating yellow envelopes. You can pick up a set of five for $10 here at Etsy.