Mariko Kusumoto



Massachusetts-based Mariko Kusumoto‘s textile sculptures are something to behold. She uses translucent polyester fabric to create orbs that enclose small objects, the result is purely delightful and wearable. That’s right, some of her pieces function as either a necklace or brooch.





Karine Jollet



Karine Jollet explores the anatomy of the human body step-by-step in her exquisite soft sculptures. Old bed sheets and shirts, embroidered handkerchieves and secondhand fabrics, all are cut up and the fragments sewn together to create each work of art.






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The first thing I noticed about Haand‘s pottery pieces is that several can be used in multiple ways – kitchen, bedroom dresser, dining table, and more. Each piece is designed by Mark Warren and crafted by hand in Eli Whitney, North Carolina at the Haand workshop by a small team of dedicated makers. The care and attention paid to each “farmhouse futuristic” piece is abundantly clear.







Jessica Dance



London-based Jessica Dance is a textile artist and model maker specializing in tactile handcrafted models and props. So, super creative basically. Her knit foods and objects are full of amazing color and texture and I want nothing more than to slip those Nikes on!








Happy Weekend

1/ Cheryl Sorg
2/ All Things Coffee
3/ Daniel Taylor
4/ Marc Figueras
5/ Mix&Match
6/ All Patched Up
7/ Rice Krispie Treats 12 Ways
8/ Tom Blachford’s Midnight Modern
9/ Alessandro Calabrese’s A Failed Entertainment


1/ Russian family poses for sweet and surreal photos with a real bear in the woods.
2/ Exploding paint cans in slow motion.
3/ Camera traps capture striking photos of African animals at night.
4/ The crazy things you can use as tiles.
5/ Mesmerizing acrylic and resin swirl table brings the universe to the dining room.
6/ Technicolor rainbow tape floor installations by Jim Lambie.
7/ The Moment, a short animation that will punch you in the gut with emotions.
8/ A stunning house that can change colors like a mood ring.
9/ An antique piano cut in half, connected only by a wishbone.


Mark Ollinger

Mark Ollinger-1-Design Crush


Vancouver-based Mark Ollinger truly has hidden a number of street sculptures around the world as a response to street painting (aka graffiti, which he also creates). He plays with words, their meanings, and their physical appearance, breaking each one down into a metaphorical and thought out piece of art that depends on your mind to decipher it.


Mark Ollinger-2-Design Crush

Mark Ollinger-4-Design Crush

Mark Ollinger-5-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1/ Giant living painting with 26,500 real flowers at London’s National Gallery.
2/ Spanish street artist Pejac hangs gravity-defying shoes over city streets.
3/ Rocking chair bed.
4/ Inside the crazy world of Olympic pin trading.
5/ Aerial photos that capture the divide between rich and poor in South Africa.
6/ The creative projects inspired by the 2016 Rio Olympics.
7/ A glimpse inside a handmade amusement park 40 years in the making.
8/ Mesmerizing kinetic sculpture at the 2016 Olympics glitters like the sun.
9/ DNA-shaped suspension bridge inspired by the Olympic rings.
10/ A clever ring that let’s women point out the obvious.


1/ We’re giving away a George Nelson Bubble Lamp on Instagram!
2/ bunglo
3/ Daniel Entonado
4/ Eight new notebooks
5/ Lorraine Nam
6/ Michael Nykamp’s Mid-Century Modern Homes
7/ Ring Soap
8/ Sigrid Calon Memory Game
9/ Snapbacks are where it’s at


Happy Weekend

1/Rent this floating house on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef  2/Brian Finke captures sad desk lunches  3/Emillie Ferris’ hyperrealistic embroidered pet portraits  4/Check out the new IKEA museum  5/Nike’s summer shoe collab is a floral dream come true  6/Haroshi carves stacked skateboard decks into colorful sculptures  7/Japanese restaurant serves noodles in elegant ice bowls  8/A dizzying infographic takes us through 146 years of music  9/Instagram chef turns junk food into next level cuisine  10/A collection of colorful crafted ceilings  11/Send your friends an envelope of the night sky


1/Backpacks + Rucksacks  2/Conrad Crispin Jones  3/Designer Fund / Moniker  4/Graham Yarrington  5/Kate Hush  6/Laura Jane Scott  7/Tips + Tricks: Food Styling and Photography  8/Print Edition: August 2016  9/Tacopedia


Kate Hush

Kate Hush-1-Design Crush


I have a huge crush on neon artist Kate Hush. (That name!) During the day she fabricates neon lighting for others, but when the sun goes down she creates her own art – crazy women doing bad things inspired by men’s rights activists and their ideas of females. Conniving, manipulative forms sporting fake tears and ultra high heels showcase their wicked ways, leading you down the wrong path that might just feel right.


Kate Hush-2-Design Crush

Kate Hush-3-Design Crush

Kate Hush-4-Design Crush

Kate Hush-5-Design Crush