Cupcake Bakeshop.

I came across a new blog today – Cupcake Bakeshop – written by a woman who tracks down cupcake recipes (as well as creates her own) and posts them all on her blog. Mmm…cupcakes.


Food Design.

Marti Guixe is crazy in the very best possible way. He’s an artist who’s been creating food design for the past ten years. And by food design I don’t mean packaging or designing with food. He’s actually been designing food with a practical purpose. Take for example, the following Guixe creations.

The Seven Step Cookie
A cookie with decoration that indicates how to bite it.

Flavored Stamps
Stamps with food images on one side and with the flavor of the imaged food on the other.

Hands Free Lollipop

Oranienbaum Lollipop
An orange candy lollipop with a seed inside. It is a way to activate sporadic and spontaneous reforestation just by splitting the seed once the candy is finished.

Thanks for the heads up J. May!


Matthew Mead Style.

I discovered a great new site this morning – Matthew Mead Style – which pins themselves as “fresh ideas for modern living.” It’s very Martha in a less passive-aggressive, anal kind of way. Mr. Mead covers Entertaining, Style, Collecting, as well as a rotating category that can be anything from pasta recipes to holiday ideas. There’s also a section on downloads. The site is seasonally based, meaning it only changes once a season and is updated only that often. So far I love what’s been done and will definitely be checking back.


Tank Goodness.

It seems like not a day goes by that my co-workers and I don’t talk about cookies. The conversation always seem to occur at the same time – mid-afternoon. Now if we lived in Minneapolis this wouldn’t be a problem, thanks to Tank Goodness. And no, that’s not a typo.

Tank Good is owned and operated by – tahdah – the Tank Family. Their mission is simple: We must being warm, fresh cookies to a world that sorely needs them. The “world” is only Minneapolis at the moment, but I’m definitely wishing that it were Oklahoma City as well. They try their hardest to get the gooey oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to your door in their MINI Cooper within an hour of the order being placed. It’s not too difficult considering the cookies are made right in their own kitchen.



Bakery Bar.

A beautiful cake or dessert makes a bold statement. Whatever the occasion, a special dessert makes it better and that’s just what Bakery Bar does (If you live in Portland, Oregon that is!). Each cake is meticulously designed and created, with every detail being given the utmost attention. Bakery Bar takes pride in decorating their desserts with garnishes that make them unique, enhance their flavors and make them works of art. In addition to cakes, small cakes, pastries, pies and tarts, and petits fours are offered.


Vitamin Water.

I first started drinking Vitamin Water when I was living in New York a few years ago. Ever since then I’ve been a loyal consumer of the tasty beverage. And yeah, the clean packaging and quippy sayings on every bottle help out.

I just found a new flavor yesterday – XXX – and it’s my new favorite (sorry power-C!). The triple-X is for the triple dose of anti-oxidants you get in every bottle: acai, blueberry and pomagranite. (Not porn. Sorry.) It seriously smells and tastes like a melted Slush Puppy, but it’s actually good for you.

The web site is great, too. Not only the design, but the dialogue. More quippiness, like this for multi-V (lemonade with a-zinc): you are not an emotionless, single-minded robot (if you are an emotionless, single-minded robot, you can stop reading now). you are a human being. you wear many hats. you dance many dances. and you try many things. things like using a swiss army knife in a medievil sword fight. vitamin-packed, multi-v helps you keep your horizons broad.


Tazo Tea.

I’m a big fan of hot tea. I even went through a short phase of preferring it in the morning over coffee, which is saying a lot. The Tazo brand has long been one of my favorites. And its design presence is what initially turned me on to the tea.

The Tazo Tea site is beautifully designed with elegant type and photography. But it’s also got personality with its funky expanding menu, animated details, ethnic music and, my favorite, a Tea Leaf Oracle whose creepy eyes follow the mouse wherever it goes.


The Cupcake Deck.

I am a cupcake connoisseur. I love baking them, I love buying them and I love eating them.

The Cupcake Deck is really cool because you don’t have to worry about lugging out an entire cookbook, propping it open, keeping it clean… You get the idea. You can just pull out one of the 25 cards and go to town! No worries, just lovely cupcakes. You can buy your own set for $14.95 here at Amazon.

(On a separate note, I think that this may also be a book and that I already own it. Hmmm….)