City Quilts

City Quilts-1-Design Crush


Hand-stitched City Quilts from Haptic Lab are beautifully detailed street maps of your favorite cities fit for everyday use. As of now you can choose from Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Paris, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington DC. There are even a few quirkier versions that you’ll have to check out for yourself!


City Quilts-2-Design Crush

City Quilts-3-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

01/ The Mason Jar cocktail shaker. Hipster approved.
02/ Humiliating giant head squirrel feeder.
03/ A DIY to save your sofa arms and spare an end table.
04/ AmoeBAND, a customizable bandage.
05/ A combo Beer/Shotglass, talk about space saving.
06/ Cookie + coffee cup = the cookie coffee cup!
07/ Animal sculptures made of reclaimed household items.
08/ Ever think of painting your shelves?
09/ Solar. Making triple digit temps look good.
10/ STACKED – wine, stemware, and corkscrew in one!


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: rakkauttaskatu

01/ I love the idea of updating jewelry with paint
02/ get ready for spring flowers with these wood + stoneware vases
03/ super smart clothing styling
04/ I’d totally get cozy under this quilt
05/ this app let’s you type + walk safely all at the same time
06/ dying to do a food swap after reading this
07/ our Growing Your Readership panel from Alt – illustrated! 


Embroidery Thread

Ever since making these necklaces for some friends I’ve been flat-out obsessed with embroidery thread. My only tryst with it in the past was short-lived, in the form of 6th grade bracelet making. In fact, some of the thread I used on my necklaces was from the 6th grade. (No joke. It’s in a box with my name on it.) All of a sudden the possibilities seem limitless.


PHOTO: kirstievn


PHOTO: no source, HELP!