Tree Branch Curtain Rod.

I really love this Tree Branch Curtain Rod, even though I haven’t latched on to the Tree Branch Trend hook, line and sinker quite yet. Seems like an easy enough project that’s customizable and wouldn’t be a massive time or financial commitment. I love projects like that because when you get tired of them and want a change there isn’t as much hesitation.

Here are the steps to success:
1. Find a tree branch slightly wider than your window trim.
2. Use pruning shears to remove long twigs, but leave a few stubs for character.
3. Spray-paint the branch or leave it natural.
4. Choose tie-top curtain panels, which allow you to adjust for the curves of the branch—no clips or rings needed.

:: via CasaSugar


Paillettes Table Runners.

I’ve been meaning to post about these Paillettes table runners for a while now because I love them. I’m of the opinion that they could be dressed up or down depending on what kind of get-together you’re having. It’s a bonus that they are re-usable and can be either hand-washed or wiped up with a sponge. The runners (63 x 10″) are sold in pairs of color combos: melon/apple or raspberry/blush for $25.


No. 10 Letterbox.

I’m in love. With a mailbox. That may sound wrong, but it feels so, so right.

The No. 10 Letterbox mailbox by PureDesigner is gorgeous (especially the brushed aluminun which isn’t pictures here). It’s severely unfortunate that they’ve been sold out since February and the site only holds empty promises of remanufacturing them (they’ve been bought out by houseArt).



The Copper Bird.

It makes me feel like a senile old woman sometimes, but recently I’ve been somewhat addicted to birds. Not the real thing, but design-wise. Not sure where this whole things has come from. Maybe that’s what happens when you turn 27 – you become Bird Lady.

Today I came across this great copper bird doorbell ($45) at Flopping Fish.