Dear Deer.

I have a confession: I’m not a fan of the antler craze.

Or I should say I wasn’t a fan. Because after seeing Dear Deer I may be a convert. I think it has something to do with being able to customize the piece with branches, flowers, etc and update whenever the mood strikes. Oh, and the fact that it’s not real antlers or faux antlers is a plus, too. I like the imagination behind it all.

:: via Roadside Scholar


Recycled Light Bulb Vases.

I would love to have about ten of these recycled light bulb vases hanging at different levels in a large window. Too bad they would become instant cat toys.

If you don’t have little furry – or furless – devils of your own, check out the tutorial here.

:: via casasugar


Crayon Hearts.

I remember seeing these Crayon Hearts in Living a few years ago and now it’s the only crafty project I think of when V-Day rolls around. Mainly because I’m dying to melt down old crayons. Actually, I think these guys might be fun to make any time of year in different shapes. Erase that, any time except the dog days of summer. (Unless you want a melty, waxy mess that is.) I have yet to go through with the plan, but one day …


Pinhole Camera Kit.

I have an admitted fascination (RE: unhealthy obsession) with cameras. I figure I own something like six or seven all together ranging from your everyday point and shoot 35mm to my Dad’s old Minolta. The missing pieces are a fisheye and pinhole. Well, my friends, I think i just got one step closer to crossing the latter off the list when I came across this pinhole camera kit. The downside is that it apparently takes 1-2 hours to construct. It might just be the price I have to pay …


Infused Vodkas.

I have a hard time dealing with Rachael Ray’s constant perkiness and exclamations of “Yummo!”. But when it comes down to it I have to admit that the woman can cook like nobody’s business.

On her site you can check out how to make your very own infused vodkas to give as gifts or stash in the cupboard for yourself. Choose from recipes for coffee, apple vanilla, five-chile and orange ginger vodkas and the recipe gift card templates to print out and attach. If I didn’t have to travel to Pennsylvania for the holidays these babies would definitely be brewing my kitchen and making their rounds. Enjoy.

:: via Hostess With the Mostess


Bella Umbrellas.

I can’t decide whether to love or hate these Bella umbrellas. They’re child-size paper parasols planted in flower pots, taped open a bit, and illuminated from the inside with a cluster of battery-powered lights. The toppers are created out of some accordion-folded mylar. I think in the right setting they could really work, but not in my house. Still, an interesting twist on something unrecognizable when you first take a look, which is what I really appreciate about them.


Matthew Mead Holiday.

Matthew Mead’s holiday style guide is up and running with some great ideas and finds for the season.

Lots of great downloads are available as usual, but my favorite has to be the date book covers. You know, for those little pocket calendars you can pick up for a dollar with puppies and horses on the cover? Well, with MM’s download you just print it out and pop it into place in the plastic cover. All of a sudden cheap and kitschy turns into chic and trendy.