Make a Mantel.

Love, love, love this idea from casasugar on what to do if you’re lacking a mantel to hang your stockings upon. Spray paint a branch (or not), suspend said branch from wall of your choice, hang stockings. Fantastic idea!


Monogrammed Boxes.

I, like most Paperphiles, am obsessed with gift wrapping. Especially packaging, anyone can wrap up a box with pretty paper, slap on a gift tag and call it a day. Creating a fantastic package is another story altogether. These monogrammed boxes from The Martha are perfect for little trinkets, gift cards and stocking stuffers. The best things come in little monogrammed boxes.


Clip-Art Calendar.

Leave it to The Martha to come up with a downloadable (is that even a word?) clip-art desk calendar. Well-designed since we would expect nothing less from her. Tip: Print it at 85% to get it to fit into the jewel case properly.

For those of you who harbor a secret (or not so secret) obsession with desk calendars like me, I’ve been updating the Round Up: 2008 Calendars as I fall in love with more and more.


Modern Paper Ornaments.

These modern paper ornaments from Design*Sponge’s DIY Wednesday remind me of a grown-up version of a kids’ craft project. They look like so much fun to make – imagine all the color and pattern combinations you could come up with. I’d love to see them suspended from a light fixture.


Everlasting Garland.

Love this Everlasting Garland idea from The Martha. The project seems really easy to complete and the garland can be reused again and again. They show it on a mantel, but I can think of several other places it would work just as well. I would also totally use these for party decorations as opposed to regular, boring crepe paper streamers.


Pantone Autumn.

I’m fairly obsessed with Pantone Autumn by Chris Glass that was created after collecting leaf samples from a single tree. I wish he would do a print because it’s gorgeous. The perfect designer’s wreath.

:: via swissmiss


Tree Branch Curtain Rod.

I really love this Tree Branch Curtain Rod, even though I haven’t latched on to the Tree Branch Trend hook, line and sinker quite yet. Seems like an easy enough project that’s customizable and wouldn’t be a massive time or financial commitment. I love projects like that because when you get tired of them and want a change there isn’t as much hesitation.

Here are the steps to success:
1. Find a tree branch slightly wider than your window trim.
2. Use pruning shears to remove long twigs, but leave a few stubs for character.
3. Spray-paint the branch or leave it natural.
4. Choose tie-top curtain panels, which allow you to adjust for the curves of the branch—no clips or rings needed.

:: via CasaSugar


No-Knit Scarf.

Confession time.
I have a scarf/hat/winter coat fetish.

So much so that when the cold weather finally recedes and it’s time to store my Winter Wear it takes up an entire storage bin. Not including coats. Gulp. I can’t help it! Every winter there’s always some piece(s) that I just have to add to my arsenal against the elements.

So far this year there are two must-haves on my list. The Scoodie and now this No-Knit scarf. Maybe the No-Knit scarf doesn’t even have to count, it being a craft project and all…


Notepolish Paperie.

The little touches, the final thoughts, are what make any event or occassion something really special. Things that will (hopefully) make it stand out in your memory for years to come. Notepolish Paperie seems to be experts in just that. Love their cupcake flags and favor cones.