Chilewich Pet Mats


If I had a cat who didn’t insist on upending his bowls to remove anything obtrusive that might be under them. Or perhaps a dog who didn’t clean the kitchen like a Hoover at every possible moment. Maybe then I would get one of these modern pet mats from Chilewich.



Easily the coolest fish bowl I’ve ever seen, Fishcondo is a geometric fish bowl that resembles a condo for your aquatic companion. Stack a few together for a condo-like appearance. A glass bowl is surrounded by a white shell and can be easily removed for cleaning. Fishy not included. Definitely makes me want a fish for my desk at work! {via Rare Bird Finds}


Roxy + Peanut + Piper. Oh My.

After three months of feline/canine cohabitation, the kids seem to have adjusted fairly well. They still have all of their eyes, noses and tails so I’m going to go ahead and take that as a good sign. (See Piper’s tail in motion? It. never. stops.)


Good Dog.

Admittedly since getting Piper I’ve become somewhat obsessed with dog accessories. I mean seriously, like half of PetSmart is dog-related! All I’m used to three measley aisles of cat products! Currently my pooch is sporting her rabies tag with my contact information hastily scratched onto the backside because I haven’t found an ID tag I like yet.

Make that hadn’t until NOW. Check out Good Dog’s massive selection of handcrafted metal pet tags. Don’t worry, Tessa is kind enough to offer people tags, too! I really, really want this for myself, but which should I get Piper?


Found My Animal.

Yesterday I received an email from Bethany at Found My Animal and could hardly wait to share this awesome business endeavor with you! Found My Animal creates really cool leashes and collars for your pups and an astounding 25% of the profits go towards Louis Animal Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to spaying/neutering and providing homes for animals who have not yet ‘found’ their people. Both my cat, Peanut, and my dog, Piper, are rescues so this is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.

Let’s not forget to mention how unbelievably cool these products are either! The leashes are custom-made rope crafted by New England rope-makers and guaranteed to withstand thousands of pounds of pull (not to mention a great alternative to leather).
The individually-numbered, stamped brass tags on each leash serve as a reminder of the uniqueness of your animal and allow FMA to keep track of the number of animals helped. The collars are made from waxwear, a cotton canvas that’s coated with animal safe wax for weather resistance and increased wear. Stayed tuned because harnesses are being released next month!


Meet Piper.

Say hello to Piper, the newest member of the family! Roxy and Peanut are slooowly making the adjustment and accepting their canine sister. She’s a spunky little gal who’s extremely lovable and well-behaved. I couldn’t ask for more!

Thanks for all your help with names! I decided to stick with “Piper” for a few reasons. One, she answers to it. And two, that’s what I’d been calling her the entire time so she really had already become “Piper” already.

Today’s her first day in the crate at home while I’m at work. She’s already crate trained, but I’m still a little nervous. Crossing my fingers that she’ll still inside it when I get home after work!


Roxy + Peanut.

Lately I’ve been hearing some mumbled meows around the house. From what I can gather there’s a little bit of passive aggressive behavior going on (ignoring the litter box in favor of other areas and who knows what else) due to lack of blog fame.

Some other blogger’s pets (Paco, Morran, Chuck and nameless others) get screen time and, well, Roxy and Peanut don’t. I need to remedy this asap for the sake of my carpeting, so I’ll skip right to the introductions.

Name + Origin: Roxy, after the clothing line for surfers, natch
How We Met: given to me by my mom’s neighbors – straight from a farm in Arkansas!
Birthday + Sign: August 10 + Leo
Hobbies: sleeping, cleaning herself, hacking up hairballs from previous activity, flopping, chattering
Likes: lasers, bubbles, salty snack foods
Dislikes: when Peanut tries to get some lovin’, strangers
Arch-nemesis: my mom’s cat, Jack

Name + Origin: Peanut, the vet named him after a childhood pet
How We Met: adopted from Roxy’s vet after being abused and abandoned
Birthday + Sign: July 4 (approx.) + Cancer
Hobbies: keeping watch over the yard, acting as a garbage disposal for unwatched food, fetch, playing in water (I promise he’s a cat)
Likes: toys, bird watching, eating peoples’ hair, attacking Roxy
Dislikes: dairy, wearing hats, the doorbell
Arch-nemesis: the vacuum

So now, hopefully, we have all that cleared up. Welcome to Design Crush, Roxy and Peanut. You make my every day so much better.