Urban Pet Bowl.

Roxy and Peanut chow down at a set of stainless steel bowls. In the course of our year together (9 for Roxy and 8 for the Nut) I’ve made my way through several styles of pet dishes. Starting with your generic plastic, cycling through a set of glass ones from Crate & Barrel and ending up where we now stand. I’ve been happy with the clean, sleek look of the stainless but am loving this Urban Pet Bowl. It may be time for yet another change…


Gift List: The Animal Lover.

1. itch square cat habitat
Itch’s modern design and eco-friendliness is wall mountable for secure vertical cat scratching or place it on the floor for those smaller horizontal scratchers. Catnip can be placed behind the insert to further entice scratching.

2. ASPCA donation
For as little as 60 cents a day, you can directly impact the lives of needy animals.

3. dog hat + scarf set
Keep that puppy warm this winter! This set includes both the adjustable hat and the skull scarf.

4. wine crate pet feeders
Our raised double bowl pet feeders are hand-crafted out of authentic wooden wine boxes from prestigious vineyards. Choose a color to match your d├ęcor, and a size to accommodate your pampered pet.

5. good dog i.d. tag
(In case there was any doubt.) Made of lightweight die-cast zinc with complimentary engraving on the reverse side.

6. RecycleBone
The RecycleBone is made from rubbery scraps left over from the manufacture of other chew toys. Your dog will will love that it’s super-strong and fun to gnaw.

7. ‘pleasure’ organic catnip toy
Textured, tough cotton canvas filled with organically grown catnip (Nepeta cataria) is especially satisfying for cats to clutch, toss, and kick madly with their rear paws. Pleasure principle is illustrated on one side; conversing birds on the other. 4 inches square.

8. bauer pottery pet bowls
Created in Los Angeles when the city was mostly orange groves, the colours of Bauer Potter y are inspired by nature. With a bit of smog thrown in.

9. cat’s in style
Most pet products out there seem to imply that, if you’re a cat-lover, you automatically have no taste in design. Thankfully, Marly Gommans has created a series of products that suit both your modern decor… and your cat’s elitist attitude.


Sick Kitty.

Roxy at about 2 months old. That bracelet crown doomed me – she’s had a princess mentality ever since!

I woke up in the middle of the night to a sick Roxy girl. She’s currently at the vet being diagnosed (although I, um, think she’s just really constipated – ew!), so please send her some mental back scratches and treats. And maybe some ExLax…



I don’t have a dog. I want a dog. Preferably a French Bulldog, but only if it’s from a shelter or rescue. But really any pup will do!

This eiCrate would be the perfect alternative to an ugly old crate. You can even purchase covers and half beds to put inside. So cute and well-designed to boot. Love it.


Shit Happens.

Shit Happens dog poo bags strike me as both hilarious and awesome at the same time. Hilarious because, well, who wants to think about dog poo ever let alone before 9:00 am. And awesome because they combine functional design (you don’t have to get too close to the actual poo) with great packaging (check out those color choices and type). A definitive two thumbs up for taking a product that is decidedly un-fun and making it just the opposite.

Their tagline? “Shit happens – just be prepared.” Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

:: via NOTCOT


Cat’s in Style.

I’m totally digging this Cat’s In Style litterbox (cover?) by designer Marly Gommans. I’m also pretty convinced I could make it myself. Not sure how Peanut and Roxy would feel about having to climb in and out of that little opening though since they’ve never had an enclosed bathroom box before…

:: via Better Living Through Design


Zen Hideaway.

The Zen Hideaway is designed to blend in with your style and give your pet a nice place to curl up for a nap. Apparently it’s large enough to hold two cats or a Dalmatian puppy, so if you’ve got a pet in that size range you’re golden. I like that you can use it as either and end table or nightstand and the variation in colors available should suit almost everyone. And I’m pretty sure my cats, Roxy and Peanut, would fight over who got to hang out inside so I’d need two.