Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

01/ A cyclist captures New York City from his handlebars.
02/ Solar Flare keeps the promise of summer alive and well in Calgary.
03/ Chopsticks, reinvented!
04/ IceShifts captures the beauty of everyday clothing frozen inside ice.
05/ My cats would flip for these elevated cat perches and walkways!
06/ Francisco Negroni captured a killer set of photos as Cordón Caulle erupted in Chile.
07/ This homemade colored ice fortress is incredible.
08/ Andrew Myers uses the heads of screws to create textural art.
09/ A rundown gas station in Ireland gets a makeover as street art.
10/ Max Lamb uses the sand to cast and create.

This week on Design Crush:
Eight of my favorite prints for January.
I’ll go to the grave with my Whitney English Day Designer!
If you’re heading to SLC next week you’ll want to print out our 2014 Alt Design Summit Wardrobe Planner + Packing List.
Loving the geometric and nature inspired jewelry from BEPARTstudio.
Check out my daily project on Instagram – 365 Quotes!
A beautifully executed textile collaboration between Rebecca Atwood + Calypso.
Crushing on the illustrated words of Social Assembly.
Can’t wait to have a few of these Plumen 200s in my home!
I reinvented my favorite childhood dinner – Mushroom Stroganoff.
My favorite trend of the new year is a good Aztec print.

You can also find me on Euro Style Lighting, this week I’m chatting about illuminating your home with designer floor lamps!


A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m playing Oprah today! Hundreds of products cross my screen on a daily basis as I search out the best to share with you, and a girl can’t help but have a few favorites! And while I wish I had one of each of these fantastic pieces to give to every one of you a la Oprah, I hope my opinion will hold its weight in salt for you. Because these are all shops and creators whose things I own, that decorate my home and my self each and every day.



Splendid Orlando Oxford. These shoes are a new addition to my wardrobe for winter and I love their sleek look (no laces!). Splendid‘s entire lifestyle collection is ultra-comfortable and effortlessly chic, which is perfect for my every day and mixes with existing pieces easily.

American Giant Womens Heavyweight Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt. I’ve been a hoodie aficionado since junior high, but it’s tough to find one that doesn’t resemble a garbage bag on a woman’s body. This zip up from American Giant is not only sturdy, but made especially for us ladies. If I’m home I usually have it on over whatever I’m wearing, it’s that good.

Emily McDowell’s Foods of the World New York City Tea Towel. Emily McDowell just might be one of the funniest people I know, and her humor translates seamlessly onto her illustrated line of cards, dish towels, and other miscellaneous goods. This towel featuring a recipe that actually involves zero cooking is just the tip of the iceberg.

Warby Parker’s Durand Eyeglasses in Woodland Tortoise. Warby Parker has had my poor vision and my heart in its grasp for several years now. I just recently snapped up this pair from their winter collection, the round-ish lenses are super flattering and their buy 1/give 1 model is tough to beat.

Bloggers Love Cats + Bloggers Love Dogs 13-Month Calendars. Shameless plug alert! I teamed up with other well-known bloggers who are animal lovers to create these two calendar downloads featuring our pets. All proceeds go directly to the Humane Society of the United States and all of the little critters in need.

See Scout Sleep’s Nice Grill Cream + Vermillion Brass Buckle Collar. Both of my pups wear this collar and it stands up to their rough and tumble lifestyles like no other. All of the pet goods See Scout Sleep offers are high quality, environmentally-friendly, and handmade in Louisiana.

Cursive Design’s Apex Studs. Cursive Design is one of my favorite jewelry shops by far, I just love Sarah’s eye for detail. These studs, along with much of the fall/winter 2013 collection, were inspired by a project we collaborated on together for NYFW 2012. They’re molded from vintage glass and cast in yellow bronze.

Jaime Derringer’s Untitled 3. I’m the proud, happy owner of three works of art by Jaime Derringer. Her bold use of color and constant exploration of shape and space never leave me bored. And both Jaime’s original pieces and prints are super affordable.



Pencil Shavings Studio’s Gold Lucite Tray in Palm Springs. Pencil Shavings‘ designer Rachel Shingleton has a great way with both color and pattern. It’s reflected in her shop’s incredible line of phone cases, trays, paper goods, and more!

Alexa Chung’s It. There’s no denying she’s the darling of the fashion world, but after ready through this pink linen-covered book filled with short musings and photos she seems down-to-earth as well.

Paloma’s Nest Custom Monogram Tiny Text Bowl. Paloma’s Nest creates some of the best heirloom-quality ceramics I’ve seen. I own one of these plates and have gifted numerous others over the past few years. You just can’t go wrong with a piece that’s lovingly personalized like these.

Gingiber’s Deer Tea Towel. I love shop owner Stacie’s whimsical, geometric illustration style used on all of her animal characters! Gingiber‘s prints, pillows, towels (and more) are always the highest of quality and meticulously checked over.

Whimsy & Spice’s Chocolate Orange Cardamom Shortbread Cookies. Whimsy & Spice‘s tasty baked goods make the perfect gift for just about any occasion. Now’s a great time to stock up on hostess gifts, snacks for overnight guests, and of course a little something for yourself.

Miró Watches from Urbantrait. Among an incredible selection of modern watches from Urbantrait, Miró definitely stands out. Made from stainless steel, hardened mineral crystal, and calf leather it’s sure to stand up to wear and tear for years to come. Mine has made me a watch wearer again after years of depending on my cell! Find your favorite from tons of men’s watches and women’s watches.

Meow Meow Tweet’s Grapefruit Rosemary Body Oil. Come winter, lotions just don’t cut it for me. I coat myself in Meow Meow Tweet‘s body oil before I get out of the shower and don’t need to re-moisturize until right before bed. Each amazing scent if filled with natural ingredients and infused with botanicals.

strawberryluna’s Morrissey Pittsburgh Poster PETA Donation. My favorite stop for gig posters, and it doesn’t hurt that strawberryluna is based in my hometown either! Allison and Craig do stellar silkscreening work for more bands than I can think to name, and on more posters than I can count that I own.



Calling All Cat Ladies!


Cat Animal Glass/Cup Mug // Etiquette Got Your Tongue Tea Towel // Tsumori Chisato Shoulder Bag // Cat Washi Tape Dispenser // Sleepy Cat Year of the Critter 2014 Calendar

If you follow me, Anne Sage, and/or Joanna Hawley on Pinterest, you may have noticed a new board that unites our feline-crazed minds. That’s right, we banded together to embrace the idea of the crazy cat lady! On our Cat Ladies Unite board you’ll find fashion, paper goods, literature, and photography. (All the highest of high brow, of course. Cough.) A few of my favorite pins are pictured above, because there’s no shame in loving your cat more than your dignity.


Cat Ladies Unite-1-Design Crush


Top 40 Posts Of 2012

A few weeks ago I was taking a look through the past year in posts and decided to put together a Top 40 collection for 2012. I had hoped to spread it out over a few days and organize everything a bit, but a family death and extended stay in Pennsylvania over the holidays set me back and I had to lump it all together. Thank you so much for continuing to help make this site such an amazing part of my daily life – here’s to 2013!



15 Chances to Find Your Ultimate Mac + Cheese // Day to Dinner to Party // New Addition //
Berry Lemonade Vodka + Homemade Blackberry Vodka



B-B-B-Buffalo // Best Word Ever // Campfire Cologne // Celebrated



Coriumi // Popsicles + Poptails – Take 2 // Little Corners // Courtney Martin



Electrolux Design Lab // Mojito Madness // Top Knot // Fluffy Raspberry Mousse



You Can Do It: Create a Gallery Wall // What I Learned: Alt 2012 // HP Designer Matchup //
Luxe Liquors



You Can Do It: Golden Glass Bottles // I Like Notebooks And I Cannot Lie //
Mixtape 17: Where All Your Girls Are Pretty // Mobile Foodie Survival Kit



Mosantimetre Turkish Coffee Pots // Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats // Pete //
Paper Sculptures



Pumpkin Marshmallow Pie // Magnetic Wallpaper // Sigils of the Houses of Westeros //
Wall Tape



Song Map // Dream Thanksgiving // Paper Flowers // Tiffin Lunch Kit



Tobias Tovera // Urban Geodes // Mighty Summit 2012 // Camp Brand


Truce Clean


A few weeks ago, in the name of having pets and being chemical-conscious, Truce Clean sent me some of their cleaning products to try out. And since then their Crate Spray, Clean & Brighten, Shampoo for Dogs, and lavender & citrus Room Spray have been in heavy rotation. The crate spray freshens my dogs’ beds with peppermint, the cleaning spray makes my kitchen smell mighty clean, the dog shampoo is easy to use in its spray bottle form, and the room spray isn’t at all cloying. And because all of Truce Clean‘s products are so pure, most have multiple uses – the room spray can even be used as body spray!

The philosophy is simple: use commonplace ingredients (like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils), add your own tap water, and reuse the bottle. All of these things make perfect sense and provide a product you can feel good about using all around your home!





It’s always nice to see pet products that aren’t completely covered in stereotypical patterns (i.e. paw prints, bones, etc.) and Blink is so good at creating just that sort of thing. Every piece feels so wonderfully organic and the leash colors are exceptional, don’t you think? And hey’ve just released some new colors – Midnight, Fawn, Mint, and Ribbon – as well as a cat collar. Check the whole line out at Blink’s shop!




PS: I’m heading to Milan tomorrow for Electrolux’s Design Lab! I have a slew of my favorite bloggers lined up to guest post while I’m out of town, and I know you’ll welcome them with open arms. See you next week!


Happy Weekend

01/ I wish my cats wanted to play dress up with cardboard. They only want to eat it.
02/ Love the Cracked Up Colander!
03/ Amazing water-activated street art.
04/ Buuut… my heads would be way into this book of cat poems.
05/ Beautiful brass button covers.
06/ Ghettoblaster – a giant papercraft boombox with a car inside.
07/ Rothko in RICE.
08/ The New York Times has never looked so good.
09/ National Hero Registration Forms!
10/ Clever temporary tape picture frames.


Happy Weekend

01/ The Growth Table.
02/ The Hip Hop Family Tree. For reference.
03/ Little dogs have all the luck – no longer, check out the Big Dog Purse!
04/ Tiger from Hello Wood 2012 Art Camp.
05/ The Hipster Starter Kit, for real or for Halloween.
06/ Scary Beautiful reverse-designed high heels.
07/ The Litter Bug Series, made from found objects.
08/ Movie Floor Plans explore the spatial dynamics in movies.
09/ High speed photos of food exploding.
10/ Check out the Chameleon Clock App!


Found My Animal

Both of my dogs are rescues, so I’m all about everything Found My Animal stands for. (In fact, I shared them here in 2009 for the first time!) All of their marine grade accessories are created especially for adopted dogs and their people, even the predominant orange color used throughout the line is the color for adopted animals! It had been awhile since I checked in on their shop, so I was really happy to see it flourishing with a vengeance. They have several new accessories, in fact I think Bebe‘s new collar is there somewhere…

Clockwise from top: Found Rescue Patch, Found Tote with Removable Travel Leash, Rescue Bandana, Canvas Waterbowl, Orange Waxed Canvas Collar