Word: Old Sweet Song.

I’m pleased as pie to introduce a new weekly feature to you today called Word!

I’ve sent some of my favorite bloggers each a different photo and asked them to write something about it – a story, an inner monologue, a poem. There are no rules, only creativity.

To kick off the series this week is Old Sweet Song’s Amy…

Dear Mom,

France is unbelievable. I know I said I would only be here for a few weeks but that quickly turned into a few months. And I also know you want me to come back and finish school. But to be honest Mom, the thought of that makes want to break out into hysterics. I can’t go back, not now, maybe not ever.

Have you ever set foot in a city and felt truly at home? Like, a weight has been lifted, like this place is exactly where I am supposed to be. It’s an amazing feeling Mom. I know I am in the exact right place for me right now. Don’t worry, I have a great apartment in a safe neighborhood. It’s small and old but I love it. I got a job at a café just across the street. It has a very homey feel and there are tons of regulars who make it feel like a family. My French had gotten so much better.

I explore this beautiful place, my new home (still a little weird to say), as much as I can. I am almost living at the beach. I guess I’m making up for lost time having grown up about a million miles from the ocean. Oh and I’ve started writing again. Which has been wonderful. The last time I wrote anything was before dad died. I know you think I ran away, deserted you when you needed me most. And maybe I did and that is something I will have to make peace with in my life. But I couldn’t stay Mom, I felt like I was drowning. I needed to leave, to start over, to be somewhere that wasn’t only about death and sadness. I am truly sorry though. I hope someday you can understand that I saved myself by leaving. I’m happy again. Sometimes I’ll catch myself smiling. It’s wonderful. I’m not sure you would even recognize me.

I do hope someday you’ll come visit. I think it would do you some good to get away. You’ve never really traveled anywhere. Maybe now is your chance. It’s so beautiful here.

Oh and I met a boy. His name is Adrien. Mom, I think he loves me.