Carlo Cane


At first look Carlo Cane‘s paintings resemble destruction happening mid-tornado, but what he’s creating is vastly more cerebral. As a lover of nature, evolution, and Darwin, Cane opposes humanity overtaking the environment. His art puts forth undefined spaces where lush vegetation and nature attempt to repossess their lost spaces.






20 Alternative Christmas Trees

Some Decembers an actual tree just isn’t feasible. Maybe you’ll be gone most of the month and it doesn’t seem worth the trouble. Maybe your place is on the small side and space is at a premium. Maybe money is tight and every dollar is going toward your bills. No matter the case there are plenty of options for making your home holiday ready! Have a look at the twenty options below for inspiration and DIY projects that think outside the tree. (Sorry, I had to.)






















3 Agate DIYs for the Holidays


Agate is one of those things that never really goes out of style. Case in point: I still remember the brown agate drink coasters we had on the coffee table when I was a kid! The banded stone has been back in the spotlight for a few years and I’ve been looking for a project that would make it the star. Here are three different ways to use agate and birch slices in your holiday season in three super easy DIY projects. I love how they all turned out and can’t wait to add them to my own festivities and gifts!



birch slices (with pre-drilled holes)
agate slices
• permanent metallic marker
• string
• needle nose pliers



All three of these projects start the same way, by matching up the birch and agate pieces. Once you’ve done that work quickly to place a few drops of superglue on the wood before affixing the stone and pressing together firmly. Because we don’t need the pre-drilled hole for this gift topper, go ahead and cover it with the agate slice. I really like this DIY because sometimes a plain kraft box looks so nice on its own but needs something extra – the gift topper is a sweet little extra that the recipient can keep.




For this colorful birch and agate place card repeat the first few steps from above. Once the two pieces are firmly attached to one another use your permanent metallic marker to write out each guest’s name. I chose to follow the natural shape of the stone with my letters.





Again follow the first few steps outlined above, this time leaving the pre-drilled hole in the birch accessible. You may need to use a small nail or skewer to clear any wood pulp debris from the opening before threading the string and tying a knot. (Use a pair of needle nose pliers if you need a little help pulling it through.) I used 6-inch lengths of single-strand white thread to make it as invisible as possible.





Christina Graham / Ridgewood Reflections


Christina Graham‘s paintings are intriguing, and her Ridgewood Reflections site-specific installation in a DIY space in Queens, New York this past summer is both bright and curious.

The walls and molding are Agnes Martin variations on white paint, caked on from years of layering, a radiator, mirrored closet doors. Everything in the room has character — a sort of proud outer-borough minimalism.

It seemed important to respond directly to the space and not pretend it’s a white cube. I used the windows, doors and radiators as armatures, but let textures from my day-to-day seep in. The mirror and concrete sculptures are supporting acts for the paintings, a way to see the room from unexpected vantage points.






via Juxtapoz


Buy or DIY: Stockings

What kind of stockings did you grow up with as a kid? Mine was the red felt kind that you can still buy literally anywhere, with my name written on the white part in glitter. I loved it and it still hangs at my Mom’s house every Christmas! Stockings are my favorite part of gift opening, so I thought it apt to do a Buy or DIY post dedicated to this very special holiday tradition.


































José Lourenço / Ice Cream


José Lourenço‘s ongoing series entitled Ice Cream is the stuff visual art dreams are made of! Loaded paintbrushes full of swirled, nearly marbled paint look just about good enough to eat. I’d love to see a video of how Lourenço creates these pieces.








You’re Invited: Christmas Brunch


Does your holiday crew favor a big dinner on Christmas Eve or Day, or are you more into brunch like my family? I grew up for years with a dinner on the 25th, but at some point in the last decade everyone voted to switch over to a more casual brunch. There’s the chance that at some point I may inherit the event, so I’m always planning how things might play out in my mind – and usually here as well. The big thing of course is the menu. I like to have a close to 50/50 split of sweet and savory to make sure everyone is happy. Keep reading for some holiday brunch inspiration and check out past years – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 – for more!


Christmas Greetings Garland // DIY Veneer Wood Chain // Front Door Wreath // Found Wood Sled // Glass Jug Lantern Candle Holder // Ivory Bottle Brush Tree // Libra Christmas Tree Stand // Lit Acrylic Starburst Tree Topper // Metal Bells // Metal Star Banner // Silver Tuscany Tinsel Faux Tree // Vintage Snowflake String Lights


Cranberry, Clementine + Rosemary Cocktails // Fresh Mint Cocoa with Matcha Marshmallows // Glogg AKA Scandinavian Mulled Wine // Holiday Spiced Tea // Persimmon Spiced Rum Old Fashioned // Pomegranate Cider Mimosas with a Salted Caramel Rim


18th Street Cereal Bowl // 20-piece Rush Gold Flatware Set // Crush Wine Glass // DIY Air Plant Wreath Place Cards // Green Glass Jug Vases // Hewn Teak Charger // Hibi Tumblers (Set of 4) // Holly Leaves Trivet // Jingle Bell Twine Napkin Ring (Set of 4) // Maebry Copper Punch Mugs (Set of 4) // Mango Wood Taper Candle Holder // Poplin Plum Napkins // Rose Gold Salt and Pepper Grinders // Mercer Dinner Plates // Wood Marble Tree Board


Chocolate Cheesecake Swirl Muffins // Goat Cheese Scrambled Eggs // Maple Oatmeal Biscuits // Pumpkin Spice Croissants // Maple Roasted Beets and Carrots // Overnight Caramel French Toast // Parmesan Crusted Delicata Squash // Potato and Apple Home Fries // Pumpkin Spice Belgian Waffles + Toasted Pecans // Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats with Apple and Cranberries // Warm Kale Salad with Goat Cheese, Pine Nuts + Sweet Onion Balsamic // Zucchini Herb Fritters


Cocoa Pot with Acacia Finish // Divided Oval Serving Bowl // Fishs Eddy Gilded Serving Platter // Glass Pitcher // Mango Wood Serving Bowl // Marble + Brass Cake Stand // Gold Mixing Bowl Set of 3 // Open Kitchen Handled Platter // Pattern 127 Serving Spoon


Jeff Dietz


The habit of having a camera and sketchbook with you at all times lends itself well to being a pro at capturing moments. Photographer Jeff Dietz finds inspiration everywhere, finding a particularly strong connection to sunlight, trees, and the streets. Do you find yourself wondering about the backstories here, too?








Buy or DIY: Ornaments


Somehow, through no planning on my part, a magical window of time opened up the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I was able to decorate my tree. This is the first time I’ve ever had a white one and I’m very into the way all of my brighter colored ornaments pop against it. I have a great ornament project coming your way next week, but in the meantime here are twenty to buy and twenty to DIY!


1/ Cardboard Ornaments, Set of 2
2/ Agate Slice Ornament
3/ Beaded Eye Ornaments, Set of 3
4/ Budding Monogram Ornament
5/ Ceramic Open Ball Ornament


6/ Double-Dip Ceramic Moon Ornament
7/ Geo Tassel Ornament
8/ Glass Ball Ornaments, Set of 4
9/ Glass Candle Clip Ornament
10/ Glinted Houseplant Ornament


11/ Handpainted Ornament
12/ Jingle Bell Tree Ornament
13/ Luna Stars, Set of 6
14/ Metal Bell with Velvet Ribbon Ornament
15/ Mini Gold Reindeer Ornament


16/ Muted Metallic Ball Ornaments, Set of 4
17/ Rainbow Iridescent Ornaments, Set of 3
18/ Shiny-Brite Bird Ornaments, Set of 6
19/ Wooden Starburst Ornament
20/ Wooden Tree Ornament Set


1/ DIY Alcohol Ink Ornaments
2/ DIY Brass Ornaments
3/ DIY Wood Beads Wreath Ornament
4/ DIY Disco Ball Ornaments
5/ DIY Fresh Greenery Ornaments


6/ DIY Glitter Scallop Ornaments
7/ DIY Gradient Ornaments
8/ DIY Mini Wall Hanging Ornaments
9/ DIY Mini Wreath Ornaments
10/ DIY Need Felted Star Ornament


11/ DIY Modern Diorama Ornament
12/ DIY Paper Candle Ornaments
13/ DIY Reindeer Clothespin Ornaments
14/ DIY Wooden Modern Bell Ornaments
15/ DIY Wooden Ornaments


16/ DIY Minimal Wrapped Tree Ornaments
17/ DIY Geode Ornament
18/ DIY Scented Baking Soda Ornaments
19/ DIY Memphis Design Ornaments
20/ DIY Zodiac Rhinestone Ornament