Candy Colored Glass Pedestals.

I love using pretty little dishes and bowls on my dresser and in the bathroom to hold jewelry and hair accessories. I’ve been looking for just the right piece for my perfume bottles and think I’ve found it in these candy colored glass pedestals. The cotton candy pink glass pieces come in two sizes – Small is 6.25″ diameter, 2″h and Medium is 8.5″ diameter, 3″h. And if I get tired of having it in the bathroom I can always just relocate it to the kitchen for goodies!

:: via Design*Sponge


First Look: CB2 ’08.

It’s seriously time for CB2 to branch out a wee bit more. I popped into their site recently to see what was new – and of course browse the remnants of holiday decorations – and came across these great pieces. I’m pumped about the Beaker Glasses being so cheap when I’ve seen similar ones elsewhere for much more moola. And stainless steel will get me every time. These snack bowls and shaker are so sleek.


Persida Lapsac.

I’m a bit of a bag whore. Lately I’ve been glued to my Timbuk2 because I can wrangle my MacBook, my lunch and whatever other “necessities” I need for the day into it. But it was love at first sight when I saw the Persida Lapsac yesterday. Not only is it stylish and design-y, but it has a built-in padded zipper pocket on the front for your laptop. And from the looks of it no one would ever guess that’s what you were packing. Genius.


Wine That Loves.

Wine That Loves doesn’t only come in a great package, it comes with a great idea. These wines have been expertly designed for the foods you love by sommelier Ralph Hersom. The people behind the brand believe that the pleasure that comes from wine and food paired right should not be so hard to find. You don’t have to be at a restaurant and it doesn’t have to be a crap shoot any longer. I love that the bottle design really gets that across with simple, well thought out communication.


Boston Brown Bread.

I have great memories of Boston brown bread as a kid. There was a restaurant in my hometown in Pennsylvania that always served you a slice when you ordered a salad. I’d slather it with butter or cream cheese and slowly devour the molasses and raisin-filled delight. I’ve never actively searched for a recipe to make it before, but just happened to trip across this one last week. It’s a little complicated to make (it involves steaming!) and is actually more of a traditional pudding than bread I found out. Beware that if you do decide to try the recipe that the bread itself doesn’t keep very long, so eat it up fast. Which wouldn’t be a problem in my house…



Kechenyl Camille’s dining in 2015 entry – eco-cook – is design brilliance.

The artist describes it best saying “In 2015, environment problems from energy will become more and more serious. I believe that everyone’s life will be concerned. Thus kitchenware will be modernise to reduce energy consumption. My eco-cook is an object that helps to save water, energy and time. Everyday, everyone, has to cook pasta, rice or various vegetable. Therefore different pots are needed. In a unique pot, the eco-cook enables to divide 2 or 3 space and to boil different food at the same time. Thereby, water and gas or electricity is saved. Moreover when food is taken out the eco-cook, it will automatically drain out, allowing to win precious time. In 2015 I also believe that most people will always be in a hurry. The eco-cook design permits to help 2015 people that pay close attention to energy and time.”

:: via Boing Boing


Unitea Teaware.

At some point during winter I switch from coffee-guzzler to tea-guzzler. It just feels more therapeutic. And the fact that it has more caffeine tends to help out a girl who shows up and leaves work when it’s still dark out.

The Unitea Teaware at Rare Device is so, so pretty. Unfortunately, the tray isn’t included and all the pieces – including mugs – are sold separately.


On the Rocks Spiced Apple Martini.

The poison-du-jour this Wednesday is the Spiced Apple Martini. Mainly because it’s about 15º outside and I can rationalize its relationship to apple cider in my head.

– 2 1/2 oz 10 Cane Rum
– 2 oz apple juice
– splash of amaretto
– 2 pinches ground cinnamon
– cinnamon/sugar mixture

Garnish: cinnamon stick

In a mixing glass, add rum, apple juice, Amaretto, ground cinnamon and ices cubes. Shake vigorously and strain into a superfine sugar and ground cinnamon rimmed chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with cinnamon stick.

:: image and cocktail via Cocktail Times