Nicholas Lorden.

Photography is one of my absolute favorite forms of artistic expression, so I’m not exactly sure why I don’t feature more photographers on Design Crush. Maybe since I have more personal experience in this category versus illustration it takes more to bowl me over. I’m not quite sure. Regardless, whenever a photo emotionally paralyzes me I have no choice but to share it and such is the case with this image by Nicholas Lorden. The framing is amazing as is the perspective. The silhouettes are perfect. The flare on the snowflakes is magical. And the black and white lends itself to all of the above oh-so-well. Lorden captured the moment so that I want to be a part of it and to me that makes a true photographer.


Arc Table Lamp.

As if I need any more obsessions I’ve recently developed a pension for table lamps. As in I purchased not one, but two in the course of a few weeks. It would be one thing if I’d been on the lookout for some light sources, or even if I knew specifically where they were going, or had room for them. Nope, I just bought them because I couldn’t say no. One is a an acrylic ball-based lamp that I’ve had my sights set on for awhile and the other a beautiful oversized dark purple glass gourd lamp.

This Arc table lamp is the next on my hit list. I love how the steel arc dangles the white linen shade so elegantly. The best part – in my opinion – is that the top of the shade has a sheath of linen over it to help diffuse light. Oh wait, I changed my mind – the best part is that it’s actually affordable!


Snow Squall Hat.

Short of brewing up some mulled wine tonight when I get home from work, I can think of nothing that will warm me up more than this snow squall hat. It’s the kind of cold today where that hat wouldn’t come off once I got inside.


Monday Goodness: Some Days.

MOMA recently acquired this piece entitled Living: Some days you wake and immediately… by artist Jenny Holzer. The 8 x 10″ bronze signage really spoke to me – everyone has had a day like this. You wake up able to feel its presence and it feels like a cloud hanging over you. You’re literally just waiting for the bomb to drop. Ugh.

So now you’re saying, “But today’s Tuesday. You’re Monday Goodness is a day late!” And you’re right of course. Yesterday our office was closed for MLK Day. It’s taking awhile to get used to having bank holidays off, but I’m not complaining! I apologize for not giving a heads up last Friday about my Monday absence. I hope everyone had a crazy-great weekend.



Working in the fields of advertising and graphic design is incredible first and foremost for the knowledge you get to be a part of. Let me clarify, there are few careers that allow you to come into contact with as many different things – be they products, services, etc – as advertising and design. I constantly feel like I’m turning over a new leaf, starting a new chapter, (insert cliche here) and never have the chance to feel stagnant at my job. Sometimes I need to remember those things when a client pisses me off or a project isn’t going exactly as I would like.

That being said, I’m really pumped about Mark Tungate’s new book Adland: A Global History of Advertising. It examines modern advertising from it’s origins in the 19th century to the present while focusing on major industry players like Tom Bernakin, Jean-Marie Dru and John Hegarty. I know, I know, a boring read for anyone not in the industry but a virtual History of Advertising for those of us who live it in everyday life.


Tablo Tray and Teak Stand.

The Tablo tray and stand are a beautiful example of form and function. I love bringing varied heights to the table for serving – especially during parties – because it really mixes things up visually. And best of all the stands are available in two different heights to do just that.


In the Kitchen with Anthropologie.

Anthropologie is tops in my book for more reasons than I can name, but my favorites always tend to be in their kitchenwares. I’ve mentioned before how if I had all the kitchen gadgets, dinnerware, etc that I was lusting after I’d need a room the size of an entire house. I’ve already got more than enough, but keep finding more! Here are just a few new pieces that I’m after from the Big A.



Waitrose is a supermarket chain in England that combines the convenience of an ordinary supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialty shop. Freshness and quality of foods are number one and they take it to the bank with their own in-house line of “generic” goods. Nothing new there, but what is different is the quality of design apparent in every Waitrose branded product. I saw their products in the latest Communication Arts and was really impressed.