Helvetica Is 50 Invite.

Can you imagine one of these invitations to the Helvetica is 50 bash showing up in your mailbox? I’d be tempted to keep it and not reply, but who in their right mind would ever miss an event like this. Love the white type on thin board. Nice and simplistic just like the guest of honor.


Newspaper Brick Maker.

Here in the Midwest there’s a cold front approaching quickly – as in we started the morning near 60º and will be ending it in the teens. It’s got me thinking about anything involving heat, namely this newspaper brick maker. *If* I had a wood-burning fireplace this would be on my wish list. You just fill it with damp newspaper, press out the extra water and let the newly-formed “brick” air dry. A very, very clever way to put all those old newspapers to good use. And you get to have that warm and fuzzy feeling about recycling.



Another great entry from designboom’s dining in 2015 contest, Mey Kahn and Boaz Kahn’s fragile salt and pepper shakers are beautiful and interactive.

When was the last time you emphatically broke somthing? The ceramic salt and pepper shaker offers you the opportunity to do it! The product comes in one piece and by breaking it, you make it useful. Breaking is an experience of impulsive outburst. But this time is an act that builds rather than destroys. In a world of products whose shape is completely dictated by the designer, we enable the user to complete the design himself. The event of the breaking leaves its mark on the shaker and gives it its final, unique, one-of-a-kind appearance.

:: via The Style Files


Business Card File.

Aside from a great business card portfolio (which I have yet to find) I think this card file would be a fantastic way to get the little guys organized and all in one place. I love the little letter dividers and tension rod that keeps everything snug. Another example of great design at work.


Advice to Sink in Slowly.

These posters are fantastic. An amazingly creative way to share advice and wisdom.

Advice to sink in slowly is a series of posters designed by recent and established graduates of University College Falmouth for the purpose of passing on advice and inspiration to first year students. A poster is given as a welcoming gift to every first year student when they enroll.

:: via BB-Blog


Tag. You’re It.

I’ve been tagged by d.Sharp and Fresh Peel. And since I haven’t done one of these in awhile, well, I guess it’s time to fess up.

1. You know when there’s something rank smelling in the air and people tell you to breathe through your mouth? Yeah, I can’t do that. I feel like I’m eating the stench.

2. I’m constantly in the middle of an internal monologue and sometimes make the mistake of speaking it out loud. Make that a very frequent sometimes.

3. My sarcasm runs rampant and if you don’t know me, well, let’s just say there may be either severe confusion or offense taken. And lots of explaining to do on my part.

4. I have no middle name.

5. I am the Queen of Lists. I have them for everything in a notebook I tote around. Right down to one for Possible Future Pet Names. I’m such a loser. (And not at all antipcipating or looking forward to the demise of my current two feline friends…)

6. I love to purge my belongings at least once a year. (In fact, it’s one of the lists!) But I have a rule that 99% of the things I’m ditching either go to charity or someone else who can use them – not into the trash.

7. My favorite word in the English language is quintessential. If you don’t know what it means look it up.

I’m not going to tag anyone because I figure by this point we’ve all filled out this chain letter equivalent at least once. But what I am going to do is open it up to the Design Crush readers. Yes, you. It can be seven strange things about yourself or one. If you feel compelled to share your deepest, darkest secrets there’s no better time or place and than here and now.