Maharam Memory Game.

As a child Memory was one of my very favorite games. I’m loving this version.

“Maharam has been a pioneer in commercial fabric designs since 1902, bringing stunning patterned materials to the table. Now those patterns are available through the Maharam Memory Game. Like the classic memory game, players turn over two cards at a time and try to match the patterns. Consisting of 72 cards on heavy stock, richly colored and printed in Germany, the game features 36 different patterns.”


FUSION Table and Chairs.

I once swore that I would never again purchase a piece of furniture that required assembly. Then I saw the FUSION table and chairs set and all that went out the window. I am obsessed with these pieces and the space-saving quality of the chairs neatly tucking under the table. It’s the perfect mix of retro and modern design. Now I only need to find a good reason to get rid of my perfectly functional current table and chairs!


Vintage Carousel.

An architect’s multitiered supply caddy inspired this vintage carousel organizer. My desk would look so hot with one of these adorning it. Not to mention that it would make things that are stuffed away in drawers a lot more accessible.

:: via poppytalk


Brix Chocolate.

I’ve been craving chocolate all day, so when I saw Brix Chocolate I was overcome by my craving and the great packaging by mod. It’s chocolate for wine lovers which instantly put thoughts of a glass of red and a fireplace into my mind. We’re supposed to get snow tonight and I can think of nothing more relaxing than couching it with some wine and chocolate.

:: via The Dieline


On the Rocks: Global Warmer.

It’s Wednesday already and you know what that means! This week’s cocktail is the Global Warmer. Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to do was drink these to save the planet? Yum.

– 6 mint leaves
– 1 1/2 parts Basil Hayden’s bourbon
– 1/2 part triple sec
– 1 1/2 parts lime sour mix
– 1/2 part DeKuyper Tropical Mango

Garnish: mint leaf, lime twist

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass. garnish with mint leaf and a lime twist.

:: photo and recipe via Cocktail Times


Bijoux Cake Stands.

Glazed always does it for me. Glazed donuts? Awesome. Glazed kitchenwares? Equally incredible. These Bijoux cake stands from Clara French Ceramiques look like someone dumped easter egg dye over them and then decided to just let it go.

:: via The Style Files


Lisa Solomon.

I came across LIsa Solomon’s work last week and instantly fell in love. This lady has some incredible talent and I’d gladly plaster my home with her art. I can’t pick out one aspect of her work that strikes me, it’s more that it gives me an all around good feeling – and who doesn’t want to feel that way as often as possible?


Cafe Style Tea for One.

Any Design Crush regular should have picked up on the fact that I love mugs and teapots. I love them even more when they’re stacked together as a unit like the Cafe Style Tea for One. It even features a built-in stainless steel strainer for brewing loose leaf tea. Most tea paraphernalia that I’m attracted to is simple white, but I’m loving the vibrant colors in this case.