Floral Chiffon Dress.

On my way home from running errands Saturday I was pondering what to wear out that night and realized most of my clothes were in the laundry basket. Dirty. What else is a girl to do but buy something? Not having a ton of money to drop, I popped into the Old Navy by my house and found this super cute frock. And immediately bought it. As a bonus, it was really comfy, too!


James E. McNellie’s Public House.

A pub-like atmosphere is the best bar scene as far as I’m concerned. You just can’t go wrong with it. Sufficed to say, Oklahoma City is sorely lacking in these venues. I’d driven past James E. McNellie’s Public House a hundred times on my way home from work, but it wasn’t until Saturday that I really had a chance to experience its awesomeness for myself. And wow. I loved it. I think it just may become my very own personal Cheers! The Public House has the best location for a pub possible – the corner of an iron-shaped building – and over 350 beers on tap and in bottles to choose from. And of course the requisite pub fare (I highly recommend the sweet potato fries). If you live in or are visiting the OKC area it’s a must.


Happy Weekend.

I apologize for the low number of posts this week, lovelies, but the week flew by in a mad rush and I barely had time to notice until now. Hopefully next week will be a little calmer, a little more low-key. (Unless I’m fooling myself…) Sit back with a cold one of whatever and have a great weekend – see you Monday!

This Weekend:
• adorn my bare walls
• spend some QT with my maternal figure
• continue with Olympic Fe-va
• laundry
• groceries
• catch up on some much needed rest

Happy Weekend!

:: photo via ffffound


Seasoned Skewers.

In the summer I love to break out the grill. But the barby is one of those areas that I don’t exactly, well, excel. I inevitably forget to marinate the meat ahead of time and wind up with a flavorless dinner. That’s where Seasoned Skewers come in the picture. Since the actual skewers hold the flavor, all you have to do is pop some cubed meat and veggies on or even stick a few through a larger piece of meat. Voila, a yummy meal. Seasoned Skewers seem like an all around great product right down to their packaging and web site. Check it out for recipe ideas.


Douglas Laing and Co.

If I were a whisky drinkin’ kinda gal I’d be rushing out to buy a bottle from Douglas Laing and Co. Check out those old-school, pharmaceutical-looking labels and bottles! Actually, I think I could be a girl-who-buys-whisky-just-for-the-bottle for these.


Octopus Chandeliers.

The single and double Octopuses are the classic chandelier reinvented, modernized and octopusized. The fixtures have a central globe light from which lightbulb-footed legs protrude – the double has two sets as opposed to the singles one. Sculptural and functional at the same time and so much fun.