Happy Weekend.

After a week full of 70º days, we’re back to the usual 90-something degree weather that’s the usual suspect in Oklahoma for this time of year. The cooler weather was such a teaser for fall and, man oh man, am I ready!

Thanks for bearing with me through the lighter than usual posting this week. Some family issues came up (everyone is fine) that had to be dealt with, so I wasn’t strapped to my computer as usual. I promise next week will be back to normal with a few surprises along the way.

This Weekend:
• celebrate E’s birthday
• oil change (ugh)
• the movies with C
• make potato salad
• grocery shopping
• hang something on the bare walls of my house!
• watch the Olympic Closing Ceremonies (sigh)

Happy Weekend!

:: photo via ffffound


The Daily Eat: Lemon Pepper Potato Salad.

After all this talk of potato salad this week there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m going to have to make a batch this weekend. The front-runner? This Lemon Pepper Potato Salad. I’ve also noticed a lot of discussion of whether to boil or roast your potatoes pre-salad. I’ve always been a boiler, but think I’m going to give roasting a shot. Thoughts?

:: photo and recipe via Ward Street Bistro


OKC Dinner and/or Book Club.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to meet more people and become involved in a few more activities. But I want it to be low-key things, and definitely things that I’m actually interested in.

And that’s where the idea of a Dinner and/or Book Club came from. I honestly don’t know how many Design Crush readers are from the OKC area, but of those of you who are is anyone interested in joining a small group that meets once a month to make an awesome meal or discuss a certain book? It could easily be two separate groups or maybe both combined into one evening. Drop me an email at designcrushing@gmail.com if you’re interested!

:: photo via Veer


John W. Golden Posters.

Loving these fun, intensely graphic poster prints from John W. Golden. I think they’d be perfect to either inject a bit of humor into a home, or to brighten up a child’s room with some gentle reminders for everyday living.

:: via decor8


The Cupcake Courier.

Here’s the thing: I love to bake. And I love to bake cupcakes more than just about anything. But if I somehow managed to actually eat all that I baked, well, chances are I have a rough time fitting through most doorways (with the exception of those extra-wide ones of course). So when I bake I pawn my goods off on others. But cupcakes? They’re tricky little guys to transport. You have to account for the icing not getting crushed, them sliding into one another and whatever else gets (literally) thrown your way.

So when I saw The Cupcake Courier you can imagine my joy. This bad boy was designed with transportation and storage in mind and is capable of taking on up to 36 cupcakes. Or you can remove all three trays and it can accommodate a cake instead. Genius!