Holy moly, the Creemy Tea & Coffee Collection is absolutely to die for. I love all of the unexpected angles, spouts and extensions from the pieces. The monochromatic white really lets them shine.

Designer Karim Rasheed explains the bone china pieces best, saying “The British in me always loved tea, my Egyptian in me always loved coffee and I love them both when they are Creemy.”


Amber Alexander.

I’ve found myself in a stage of childhood art lust these past few weeks and the stunning work of painter Amber Alexander has only thrown fuel on the fire.

Painting with mainly watercolors, but guilty of the occasional acrylic piece, Alexander creates stunning paintings that seem fit for the prettiest vintage storybook. With her washes of sheer color and imaginative creatures, Alexander’s work is as timeless as it is beautiful. I’d love to decorate a child’s bedroom or playroom with a series her work.


Monday Goodness: Let Go.

This weekend was probably the most productive I’ve had since I moved. I got a bunch of arranging/organizing accomplished. I bought garage shelving, a garden hose and new house numbers at Home Depot. Then I went and took care of some birthday shopping I needed to do for a few friends. Hit up Target for some groceries and house-type things. And even had time to do laundry and grab dinner with my mom and stepdad.

And now today? I’m beat.

:: photo via ffffound


Happy Weekend.

I couldn’t be happier to see the weekend! It’s not that this past week was bad, just one that didn’t seem to ever want to end. You know the type. The ones that string you along. Maybe it has something to do with this being the second consecutive week the temps have been in the triple digits. Ugh. I’m not built for this sort of heat!

This Weekend:
• organize office/studio
• out with C
• clean out garage
• buy a garden hose(!)
• work on Housewarming Party invites
• dinner with Mom and Bill
• grocery shopping

Happy Weekend!

:: photo via ffffound


Who Won? Seventy & Sunny Calling Cards.

The winning comment for

Apt. #34’s comment read:
“I’d love an a simple design – like a swirl that looks like a rush of wind is pushing across the paper – as if I’m just breezing through but leavin’ this card behind!”

Congrats Apt. #34! You were selected via the Random Number Generator (Maybe you should change your name to Apt. #38 because that was your winning number!). I can hardly wait to see what design Alyson whips up. Just send me an email with your full name and address and she can hop to it.

Thanks once again to everyone who entered! I loved reading all of your calling card ideas. And let’s not forget Alyson at Seventy & Sunny either – thank you!


The MARTINI Factory.

Being a Pittsburgh native I can’t help but be a devoted fan of Andy Warhol.

After collaborating to create an Ad Campaign for their vermouths in the late 1950’s, MARTINI & ROSSI brings Warhol’s iconic artwork and style back to life with a modern twist. From canvases to cocktails, MARTINI & ROSSI has embarked on a new advertising and cocktail campaign – The MARTINI Factory – aimed at redefining vermouth and the art of the aperitif. The vermouth aperitif drinking occasion, hugely popular in Europe, has yet to take hold in the U.S. market where cocktails dominate popular culture. This new campaign offers consumers an array of innovative vermouth cocktails featuring contemporary ingredients. MARTINI & ROSSI will also unveil a collection of six innovative Warhol-inspired vermouth cocktails at an invitation-only MARTINI & ROSSI Warhol Factory party – being held in NYC on August 6th – what would have been Warhol’s 80th birthday.

:: via NOTCOT