A Print Handbook For Designers




Being a designer is one thing, taking what you’ve created on screen and successfully translating it to print is another. There are so many rules and regulations (and opinions) that it can sometimes be overwhelming to remember it all. I love that A Print Handbook For Designers puts all of these little bits and pieces in one place, in fact I think it’s the best reference source of this type that I’ve seen in nine years of designing. It only costs about $10 which includes delivery, so if you’re a designer you really have no excuse left to not have your production spot on every single time. (via notcot)


Boxsal Picnic Trio Collection

Today is definitely not the day for a picnic (thunderstorms and tornadoes, anyone?), but I’d love it if a boy showed up at my doorstep on a sunny 75 º day for a surprise outing and one of these in hand. Major points.



Photo ©HanaBlomst

I can eat decently enough with chopsticks, at least well enough to compete with any other middle-class 31 year old female. But these make me want to toss out everything in my silverware drawer and become exclusively devoted. (via Bonnie Tsang)