Summer ‘Dos

It’s the day after Memorial Day and you know what that means, the unofficial start of summer is upon us. Right now my hair hangs just below my clavicle and I have blunt cut bangs. I wear it simple and straight, but since my hair has a bit of a wave to it there’s a process involved. Namely drying and straightening. And even though that only takes about fifteen minutes, it just isn’t always a time investment I want to make. You see, I get a bad case of the Lazy Hair come summer. No muss, no fuss, hopefully off of my face and neck. Instead of just pulling it back into the messy bun I’m always guilty of, I’m hoping for a little more from myself this June through September. Here are a few hairstyles I’ve bookmarked that look manageable and easy.


Pin Tucked Braid
via Hair Romance + TeenAngster


Loop Chignon
via Glamour


Embrace the natural
via Jen McPhie-Lewis


Happy {Memorial Day} Weekend

PHOTO: Amy Haslehurst

01.  can’t wait to try this hair product – I hate blowdrying my hair in the summer!
02.  a DIY Bloody Mary bar? yes, please.
03.  looking forward to Chelsea’s bi-monthly flower recipes
04.  great post about what art + creativity mean to evie s.
05.  I want to make hundreds of these fabric flowers
06.  this lady smells books all day, love that
07.  hoping to play some iphone hipster bingo this weekend, which will consist of my friends taking photos of one another
08. my favorite snowboards ever (yes, I know it’s May)
09. make your own pudding pops!
10. words banned by New York Magazine

Monday is Memorial Day in the States, so I’ll be taking the day off to do patriotic things like (unintentionally) fry myself to a crisp and (unintentionally) burn some hamburgers on the grill. See you Tuesday, lovahs.


dior 001

Forget 007, dior 001 is where it’s at for the lady on the hunt. The “weapon” conceals an antique hairpin, lipgloss, medicine, a USB stick with ‘secret information’ and a 100 gram sterling silver bar. I know that’s all I need for a guaranteed good Saturday night. (via Design Boom)





Photos: Paavo Lehtonen

Pino is a lifestyle shop I’d definitely walk into and explore. The cool minimalism and color organization would suck me in immediately. Their identity kills it, I love the bold palette and diecut ‘I’ to no end.






The handmade leather bags and accessories from wander are feeding my love for the heritage movement. There’s just something so appealing about a simple, clean product that is well made and durable. I’m definitely feeling that laptop case up top. (via A Merry Mishap)