Typography Teething Toy

Unlike half of the people I know, I am not with child. (Whew.) But I am in love with type, and half tempted to buy one of these typography teether toys from the lovely Amy of Little Alouette to use as decor now and (possibly) kiddie entertainment later.

PS: This shop has the best baby presents!


Horn Combs

My association of hair combs is limited to a pair of red plastic ones I had as a kid. These beautiful horn combs from Rick Owens change all of that. Each one even comes it its own suede case. Decadence of the first degree. (via Simone LeBlanc)


Apartment Feeder

I have three unused bird feeders gathering dust in my garage, it’s a fact. Why? A.) They were all housewarming gifts that aren’t really my taste. B.) I don’t want my patio to become an aviatic restroom. But this teeny, tiny Apartment Feeder from Pigeon Toe Ceramics does it for me. Measuring only 3.5″ wide it would neatly fit under the overhang that shelters my kitchen window. And minimal feed = minimal other things, too.