Double Wrap

Once upon a time I owned a double wrap watch. It had a thin black leather band, a silver rectangular-shaped face, and an electric blue background. It did not have the thoughtful engraved plate that these have, not the pretty patina. Conclusion: these win.


Taco Night

When I was kid summer meant Hank’s. Hank’s was a roadside stand that sold eight million flavors of frozen custard out of a window on one side of the building and Mexican food out of a window on the other. It only opened for the warm months of the year and when it did lines were well out into the parking lot. We usually went around 9 0’clock at night after my dad got home from work or on a Sunday. I’d order a tostada or burrito and this frozen drink that tasted like a Creamsicle called an Orange Dream. I’d make my dad order refried beans, but only so I could eat the layer of cheese off the top. I don’t remember a lot of things about my childhood, but those memories are good ones. By default Mexican food gives me warm tingly feelings. (As always, click on the image to be taken to the recipe.)











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Cold Picnic

I can already tell that I’m going to be feeling tribal pieces a lot this summer. Check out Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer’s Cold Picnic line. It’s chalk full of pieces that have been inspired by 1970s arts and crafts, ancient cave paintings, African textiles, and Native American History.


Judith Seng

PHOTO + ART: Judith Seng


Judith Seng’s Thrift explores perfect, high-gloss surfaces of logs as they transform over time. An intriguing piece no doubt, but I also couldn’t help thinking the larger pieces would make for amazing end tables. (via Happy Mundane)


Happy Weekend

PHOTO: via this we heart it post (not traceable)


01.  this vintage trophy coatrack project is quite brilliant
02.  HEY! you suck at parking
03.  I like this idea of drawing my own shower curtain
04.  a nice article on the evolution of the disposable coffee cup lid
05.  definitely picking up this – Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom – for my mom
06.  I want to make a few of these skewer sculptures in neon yellow
07.  so looking forward to Miranda July’s film The Future
08.  spirograph cake decorating